This Addiction Has Only Caused Me Pain.

This is a real problem for me. After my first time I just loved it and couldn't get enough. This usually leads to bad relationships that are solely based on sex. I was in an relationship where I was being taken advantage of for sex. I've driven hours just to do it with someone then drive back. I've gotten an std because of this addiction. Now I'm afraid I might have lost a very good guy because he is always busy with two jobs and school, I barely get to see him and now I've cheated on him with someone else who doesn't even mean as much to me as he does. of course I told him about it right away because I felt guilty. I hurt him really bad, and I'm afraid of what other troubles this addiction is going to cause. I need to get a handle of this and get rid of this addiction. You can't define me sex addiction I will overcome you.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I agree with mcjake0001 that an SAA group would be good. i did find that, in my town, there were only a couple groups and they were full, so I am on my own. I have to say that the only reason I got this far, at least realizing I am actually addicted is that I have been practicing meditation. This has let me get my head clear enough to see but also a practice that lets me find some peace and self love so I can keep going. I am about to look again for a group as I am not very confident that we can beat this alone. In my case, I am addicted to **** and ************ but it is all the same. We are running from life or some fearful part of life and we use sex because it floods our brains with very pleasurable chemicals. We are just like alcoholics, crack heads and the rest. I am pretty sure we have to turn around and face the things we fear. It might be as hard as quitting crack or maybe just like cigarettes. I quit those but I went to a six week program. Good luck. Never quit quitting, like they say about cigarettes. I quit a hundred times. Oh and know that you are not a bad person because of this, even if you realize that you have done some things that hurt people.