I Have Empty Feeling Inside My Vagina

I want to feel my vagina is full.
When I ********** I fantasise about men enter my vagina, big penis streching my vagina and make it feel so full.
Sometimes I insert objects into my vagina to **********.
After I ********** I feel I want to ********** again.
Sometime I did hold a ***** inside my vagina when I went out shopping, I wear tight panty girdle so ***** can not slip out of my vagina.
I feel so lonely in my life and feel I always need to **********.
At night I wear something like kegel balls inside my vagina and I dream a man is inside me.
I wish I did not have so high libido and I would be normal just like other women.
I feel I addicted to thinking about sex, ************ and feeling there is someting inside my vagina always
desireforpassion desireforpassion
22-25, F
7 Responses Dec 13, 2012

perhaps you just have a vocation, rather than "a problem" - have you ever thought of it in these terms? ****** were scared in the ancient Greece so they are in India. Perhaps you should embrace it. Become a limitless bareback ***** and have men constantly fill you up with their ***

I understand u have same feeling all day and ********** 4-5 times a day till it hurts :(

can we chat? i soo feel that except i am a man i so much want to mee the lady who can be my mate n we crest every day n nite in the thros n passion of each other...

Is your ************ because you need to feel something inside you? Have you questioned your gender? If so, have noticed a correlation between when you need to have something inside you and times when you are doubting your gender?

Yes when u feel lonely and want to have something in ur vagina then there is soft toy comes which u can play with urself....

I am addicted to sex as well. Let's get together and enable each other.

When I read stories like this I am surprised and saddened. My ex and I had a schedule to have sex twice a week. I tried everything. We had date nights, I showered her with romantic gifts, and we took vacations away from the kids. I have a friend who lives in a sexless marriage. I always thought it was the guy who had the sex drive and that women lost theirs once they had captured the guy. My ex had a great sex drive when we first met. It's too bad people don't match up better. As you will find out on EP there are plenty of guys looking for a little passion and someone to cuddle up to.