I can't help it, but I love sex. It drives me nuts that I do though. I hate having the excuse of "I'm a guy, so thats why i do". I just sometimes wish I didn't like it as much. I try not to though. I like the thought of casual encounters or to have sexual events with freinds or people I know, most of the girls I know like me though, but I just try and hold the erge back. I hope this is normal and that maybe I'm not alone and that people do have these erges and are just holding it in like I am.
DClipse99 DClipse99
22-25, M
1 Response Jun 6, 2007

Its hormones and too much free time to think about it. Perfectly natural though. Its fun, feels great, etc. Why wouldn't you like it that much? Most of us hold back the urge until we are ready with our partners for it.