i feel like addicted is an inadequate term, but at the same time, its the only applicable one.

i'm addicted to everything about it: the sensation and the physical parts as well as the concept and emotional parts.

my first time was utterly meaningless, but the next (many) were based around a feeling of love (not true love, barely love at all in retrospect). however, without much thought or contemplation, i have become a creature of sitcoms: casual sex is a way of life. i dont see a problem with it, i never have emotional backlash from it, the only issues i've ever had are men calling the next day / week when theres obviously no second date in store. 

i find myself torn between wanting a nice courtship and dating scene where i could find someone i'm really compatible with and wanting to just go on compiling booty calls.

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you want your cake and eat it too, you, we deserve it ,get a man who you love and care for and he does you but allows or wants you to make extra booty calls, theres men out there willing for that. lifes to short for anything else .ive just starting looking on dating site for friends with a benefits or an open relationship. try ot

Get a good set of ******. Gimme a holler if you need more lol<br />
Jokes apart there's nothing wrong with liking sex Gracy. As humans we all love it