I Start The Craving For One Its Overpowering

I have absolutely no will power today to stop myself from drinking a coke...what is scary is that i find 12 oz of coke to not be enough...kinda like a alcoholic finding two beers not enough to satify the craving...shoot i cant stop thinking about drinking one without actually drinking one. it makes me feel sad tat i cant have it...and it makes me feel like there isnt anything that can take the craving away....since i have tried to drink water when i get the crazys for one. Soda is just the easiest and tastiest way to get a sugar high...so i guess i am addicted to sugar...i just guzzled up the soda and now i am craving the water...so that is it for me...sucks to love the soda.
Meroli Meroli
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2012

I have been drinking soda since my dad gave me my first glass of it when i was 4, my parents separated and he was depressed and weekends i visited and was tired he would give me another glass to keep my awake and keep him company, now im 29 and quitting the soda fora healthier life.... i can drink a 12pk+ a day so this is going to be rough, i usually flip out if there isnt any here and dont drink anything else. This morning started with water and tea. wish me luck and message me if you would like a support buddy=)

You know why that is....because they want you to pay for two...lol. jk

Better not live in NYC they want to make it illegal to sell any soda larger than 16 ounces