Soda Killed Three of My Babies Before They Could Even See the Light of Day

Soda has always been my poison. As far as i remember i have always craved it. When i was younger my parents strictly limited the soda; so when i got older i went crazy wih it. Now to be all soda is mostly okay. I have my favorite like pepsi but if nome is around i drink whatever. Diet soda nauseates me cuz of its agter taste(ugh). After i had my three year old; i have had three miscarriages in varying stages of pregnancy. Oh forgot to mention that im a diabetic too since i was 16 so soda is pretty much a death senteance to me. Knowing that still doesnt curb my addiction! I look death in the face everytime i put that drink to my lips. So as of now i cant controll my sugar and my last pregnancy resulted in having to give birth at five months and the death of my daughter. Now to make it clear ; i have tried so hard to leave soda alone n or drink diet but i always regress. Im dying and im only 22 and yet i cant stop. I tell my doctors n they just smirk n say well dri k diet! Do they know this is real?! This addiction is ruining my life not to mention will probably end of taking it too. I know there are "substitutes" out there but ive tried them n i always end of goi g bak to my soda.

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My name is Christa and I am a production assistant for the Dr. Oz Show. I am exploring a segment about caffeine/soda dependency and would love to chat with anyone interested in getting help for their caffeine/soda reliance. If you're interested in sharing your story please contact me at