hi everyone:) this is my first time here.. here's my story

i've worked with a guy for over a year and since i met him i've been having the worst crush ever. we started to get close and now we're good friends, everyone keeps telling me that we're a perfect match and that we'd be great together and people even tell me that he has feelings for me but he's afraid to tell coz im the boss's daughter (which makes it more complicated), anyway i never told anyone how i feel but the thing is, i became addicted to him. i can't be happy and smiling unless he's around. everytime he leaves the room my smile just fades away and i start looking for him and i always want him to be around. it's getting worse everyday. i can do anything just to be around him for 5 more minutes. i put off work, sitting with friends, i sacrifice everything just to be around him. and the worst part is i dont know how he feels about me. sometimes i dont even care coz as long as he's around.

what do i do?? i know he's most probably not worth it, i know it's ridiculous to feeling that way but i just cant help it.

Sarah19878 Sarah19878
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

Believe It Or Not But I'm The Same Way With ... Well This Person Who Is Dear To Me. But I Know It May Seem Hard To Tell Him But It Relay Is East. Walk Up To Him And Ask Him How He Feels About You. After He Tells You Tell Him About Your Feelings Don't Even Think About It. Because It Will Make You More And More Stressed About It Ok? :] Let Us Know How It Works Out.