There Is Nothing Better Than The Rush You Get From Speed

I just love the rush of driving fast. It got me in trouble a couple of times but I cannot help it.
If you get out of the car or off the bike and your legs are feeling wobbly and your senses are so alert that it feels like you head is spinning then you know it was a good ride !!!!!

My fastest speed in a car was 264 km/h and on a bike was 294 km/h. Neither time it was done on a race track. It is on my bucket list to go past 300km/h in a car and on a bike.

Now are you still wondering why I have to appear in court soon for speeding again ? ( wonder how much it is going to cost me this time ? lol )
RichardsDick RichardsDick
46-50, M
Sep 13, 2012