Too Much

I'm trying to stop. It's taking a toll on my body. I am going to make a really serious effort to lower my intake this week, though I just finished eating a snickers bar. Bad start. Apparently eating too much sugar makes your cholesterol skyrocket. Blargh. When I eat too much sugar my joints ache too.
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2010

Howdy,mam. i have just been reading your story and i liked it because it was very relevant to what a lot of kids and adults have problems with in terms of sugar intake.We, as a free nation , have in fact become a country of sugar eaters, AND I AM Just as bad. I can eat loads od sugar ,which is not something to boast about!

I am trying to lower my sugar intake but it is in everything. It's sneaky how companies put it into everything. I'm really considering making my maple flavored oatmeal and chocolate flavored Cheerios part of my dessert menu, instead of breakfast meals. Everything has sugar or high frutcose corn syrup.....ok so I think the best solution is for them to take it easy with all the sugars, I mean does soda need so much, and forget diet sodas they taste awful!!!!

Yummy...sugar...I think I was a hummingbird in a past life.