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I'm addicted to sugar, I crave pure sugar, not just in food and drink but straight out of the package. I love it so much but I know I'll end up sick if I continue. This started about a year or so ago. I like grainy textures- so when I make tea or some mixable drink, I nibble the spoon every scoop. But lately I've moved on to just buying sugar packets and Just eat them to go. I know its bad but I crave it and if I don't it feels like im going through withdrawal or something.
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i have only recently become addicted to sugar and started eating it on its own first thing in the morning. im worried this addiction is going to worsen...need help

Do you eat things with sugar or do you just scoop up grain sugar and eat it like i did/do.It lasted along time with me but for like four months i have not touched sugar packets. Its good to have life distractions, unfortunately I had bad distractions. Just try to think of the negatives of eating sugar like that.

Hi sicajae7,

I work on a Channel 4 food/science series called The Food Hospital. We use the latest evidence-based research to explore the effects that foods can have on our bodies. Our team includes a leading dietician and consultant who devise individually tailored diets to see if everyday foods can help tackle a number of conditions, from food addictions and other eating habits through to epilepsy and alopecia.

We are looking for people to participate in the coming series. I wondered if either of you wouldn't mind having a quick chat with me about your addiction to sugar? If so, my email address is, or just give me a call on 0207 907 0873.

Many thanks,
Lauren Vanderkar

Thank you for your kind offer but I no longer have this issue, the urges suddenly disappeared after years addiction. I live in the US, it would be slightly problem. Thanks for noticing my story as well!

Ive been eating raw sugar for about 15 years .i live the feel of it .ive tried so many different kinds texture brands i fell about powderd sugar c/h .brown sugar .sugar in the raw i eat a box every two days i sweet when i don\'t get it i feel like if i stop eating it i will die i need help

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Really?? All that you mention is how I go through this, its the texture that gets me. I would never think that someone would have this same experience because I just thought it was odd. I never told anyone , just posted this on here. I feel guilty doing so, now I live it in my locker at work so I wont eat it all. As for home, I manage to slip some packets of sugar in my bag. I try to set boundaries where I pretend we have no sugar or Im just too lazy to go get it haha. Thanks for sharing your story,it makes me feel a bit better that someone else understands.

I am the same way and it has been nearly 16 years for me... I am addicted to confectioners or powdered sugar because of the texture of it. I eat it when I get stressed or experience any kind of emotion. I look forward to eating it daily. I have completely disgusted myself at times when I look in my "hiding place" and see 5 to 6 boxes of powdered sugar I have consumed in just a few days. I can eat a box a day.... I have insight that this is not good,however, whe. I try to stop I can make it only one day until I justify a reason that I need to get more. I have tried to stop many times, however, 16 years later, I am still at it. The longest I have gone has been about 6 months, but it eventually starts again. I actually feel better when I eat the sugar than when I don't.