Feeling Connected.

I am not sure how many hours a day I spend on the internet. There are days when I am so occupied, that I will not even turn on my computer, but on the days when I have more time, I just want to stay online, so that I could read, write and get to know more people. On the internet you read the news that really interest you -you do not have to watch TV news, which may omit something that could be important to you. On the internet, you can have a blog and write your heart out. On EP, you can write your experiences, read experiences of others and no longer feel lonely -because, finally, you found someone who was or is in your shoes. The internet allows you to meet people who can be your... lost soul-mates much faster. In real life people are not as open as they are online -for some reason. I am not saying that it is healthy, I am not saying that it is good that things are this way nowadays, but the internet allowed me to meet people that I could never ever meet in person (e.g. because they live too far away from me). I just wish my Father stopped asking me why I spend so much time on the internet, he simply does not get it and calls my online social life "a waste of time". Oh well, HIS LOSS ;)
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Mar 10, 2012