So Much Out There

We are truly in an information age. I could very happily spend the rest of my days in front of a computer, surfing the web and finding out as much about everything that I can. Of course, that is the very problem. I really could do that if life didn't get in the way. i find myself wanting to get online as soon as i get home from work. I get online before I GO to work. I pause for a moment when I take a shower, and of course, I have to actually work also. There is just too much out there. The other problem that I have, is that I spend WAY too much time on certain things, like games and soft core ****. I use games to exercise my mind. And of course, since i am now single again, I look at **** and read **** to stimulate the erogenous parts of my mind.

I realize that I should be exercising for real, or doing something creative with my time and intellect. But, i keep getting distracted back to the computer. Even now, as I write this story, I should be trying to get some sleep, perhaps reading one of the 3 or 4 HUNDRED books that I have. But NOOOOOO..... Where am I? Sitting here, typing out my thought for God knows who to read. Is this a story or a confession. I guess both.
Maagrath Maagrath
41-45, M
May 19, 2012