God...sometimes It Is Worse Than Drugs!!

How much damn time do we waste on these things? Not to mention temptations to trouble (women flirting with you on social networking sites...or men) and buying stuff you know you just don't need!! And then there are the games and games and games and games...and videos and **** and all kinds of **** that you can fall into...ludicrous!!
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

My 40 yr old bf is on the internet constantly, on his smartphone. MOstly FB, but I have a feeling there may be dating sites and definitely **** daily. He denies the fact that I can see when he is on FB by the message bar and lies about how late he is up on it. He also lies and says he never watches **** and that it is bad for relationships, but I've seen it on his browser. Is a man like this really ready for a relatiionship or would he rather live with his smartphone?

I love having the connection but I am not sure about it ruining my life at all. I only buy what I need. I mostly watch Movies for free online and talk to friends with Skype or Google talk. No phone bills that way. And I do read EP but sometimes. I have gone away from EP for months and never give it one thought.I do sometimes watch **** but not like a addict.Yes women like **** too.