During the last hurricane, I was lucky that my area did not suffer power outages. However, the local cable company suffered from some transformer failures and Internet access went out for about eight hours.

I actually did not know what to do with myself. It was the middle of the work day when this happened, and although I had many tasks that did not require the Internet I could work on in the interim, I couldn't concentrate at all. All my means of communicating with others -- the VOIP phone, email, research capabilities, texting -- all of it was dead for the time being!

I told my boss that I was too traumatized to work, and went home to take a nap, hoping that while I slept, the Internet might be healed. I was happy to work through the night instead of having to go without Internet access!

How pathetic I felt! But acknowledging one's addiction is a first step to healing one's self. Problem is, I have no desire to be healed. I love the Internet, and never want it to be far from me!
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jeremfg, someone once asked me what is the biggest invention that helped out women .. .and i replied, "electricity." and they said, "oh come on, not the car?" no way ... how did this person think washing machines, etc. worked? ;)

jeremfg, i wonder if women really use vibrators ... i don't. and while electricity could be seen as a discovery, how to harness it and use it is invention. and the ability to generate electricity is due to inventions. but it sure ain't the car -- i'd argue that the car is a step backward.

jeremfg, i guess i wonder if women really do use vibrators. of the lovers i've had, no females used them with me. all the ones who liked vibrators were male! ;)

jeremfg. i **** women too lol. ;)

jeremfg, ah i see ... okay, nix that. :)

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beingme, i don't fear it ... i know it. the hurricane just forced me to confront it. i failed, by the way. :)

not by choice!