I Do Love A Day That I Can Wear A Thong Through It Completely Carefree

Thongs are great. I have to aggree they perfect for comfort, freedom, and in a guys case the support and control. But its too damn hard to make the switch and not endure crap. I made that change when i was 18 and once my secret got revealed people thought less of me. I never got back all their respect but shortly after moved outta town. Thongs are wonderful for a lot of reasons but unfortunately i have to choose my days and not go crazy like wearing them to work. That was embarrassing. I tend to wear them whenever im walking a short distance and its hot or working out. Sometimes ill wear one around the house and my favorite day is laundry. A thong with gym shorts a white t and flip flop and i feel like im on vacation. Casual, free and comfy. Su ks that i can wear them more often due to the fear or ridicule and judgement but i still have a little fun here and there. Truth be told i find thong under fun, free and naked in a way along with comfy, supportive and still for the time being a little daring and scarey. Sometimes when im at the laundry mt and it clears out pretty good and i know im almost finished ill give it a good tug and clearly have it exposed. If its down to me and just a few of the straight from the border mexicans that cant speak english i wont even care if they see. But ya i love my thong days but unfortunately my area code hasnt come that far yet.
CaliStainedStud CaliStainedStud
18-21, M
Mar 23, 2012