Also Addicted Of Thongs

I'm also addicted of thongs. I have now 100 pieces. Both swim thongs as underwear.
Too bad it is not accepted as a man to wear a thong on the beach without being laughed at.
I wish that every day could.
ocinn ocinn
2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I am a woman & I love a man that wears thongs. I like skimpy ,barely there thongs like the ones found at . My husband wears those clear-lined thongs they sell, and they are super sexy. I've been to many Florida beaches and men in thongs is not uncommon, at least not there.

Wear them anyway and anywhere! The ones laughing are jealous. I got kicked out of a Holiday Inn Tekki bar on the beach in SC for wearing tight spandex boxer cut suit!!! I thought I was overdressed! I was going to wear my N2N speedo. Oh, well . . . . next time!