Help In Trouble

I think i have had a tickling fetish ever since i was 5 years old and i had female babysitters who realized how ticklish i was and used to hold me down and tickle me almost to tears or peeing. It must have turned me on and i didnt realize it till i got older because when my girlfriends would tickle me i would get so turned on. Now when i see it done or hear about it being done it makes me crazy. So i have spent hours upon hours going to the TMF and downloading tickling clips and clips4sale tickling clips and buying loads of ff/f or f/f tickling clips. I am definitely a ticklee and i love to be tickled with women with long nails and women who find out im ticklish love it and i become like a little kid and i cant fight back. This is my only submissive side, other than that im all male. So i have realized that i am very addicted to tickling and i dont know what to do about it. When i see certain women with that evil tickler look when im out i fantasize about watching them tickle someone or me merciless. There is another side of this which i would like to talk about only to opened minded people only. Let me know if you think im hopeless or what you think i should do. Right now i dont have a social life so tickling is my escape from reality.
saxzman1 saxzman1
May 9, 2012