And Then There Was Dorothy

Most of my readers know that I write of my experiences but of late, I have been transfixed by Dorothy. So, is Dorothy real (yes!) and is this "piece" real? You decide.

There are but a few of us who meet the people with whom we interact here on EP. I was fortunate enough to meet Dorothy. We had written for a couple of weeks on EP and teased about meeting one another. I had given her my Yahoo account address and she wrote me. Oh my God did she ever. Not only did she write me, she sent along a few photos to "entice" me. We decided to meet.

I walked into the Italian Bistro where we were to casually meet as it was "safe ground" for the both of us. If we felt that there would be no abduction -- even though I wished that she would kidnap me, then we might, just might proceed.

There she sat in all of her beauty. Dorothy was of average height, dark hair that flowed like a waterfall, lightly tanned. She wore a white shawl over her tanned shoulders and a snug but vet attractive lacy dress that dropped to just above her knee. Her shoes, oh how she has teased me with her feet -- my personal weakness. Her legs were crossed and a strap on shoe dangled on the very tip of her toes. I didn't want her to move; well, other than maybe bouncing her foot a little so her dangling shoe appeared as though it would drop off of her lovely foot.

I said, "Dorothy, I'd know you anywhere. Let's have some wine." She replied, "OK, Michael, let's get a booth." We asked the host for a booth, slipped him a twenty and were led to a far corner of the restaurant, away from the other diners and certainly away from restroom door and busy kitchen exits. We sat across from one another and placed an order for wine and bead as an appetizer.

I heard her shoe drop. The sound of the leather hiting the floor made me twitch. "Michael," she said, "Is everything alright?" I replied, "Things couldn't be better." As we looked over the menu, I felt the tips of her toes brush up and down my calf. I looked at her and she was already looking at me. She raised her eyebrow and said, "Tickle me, Michael. Tickle **** me." Immediately my mouth dried up as I stammered out, "Oh yes, I'll do more than that!" I quickly added, "Let's skip dinner and go back to my place."

I dropped a hundred on the table and we hustled out the door to my truck (I know, it sounds so hillbilly!) and headed back to my place with was about ten miles away. All along the way, Dorothy teased me with her instep runnig up and down my right leg and circling her fingers on my arm and neck. I was on the edge and felt like I was losing control. . . thank God the house was so close or I would have shot my load right there.

I opened the garage door and drove in. I helped her from the cab and we stepped into the house. It was dimly lit and I was so happy that I cleaned house today. I said, "Dorothy, we talked a lot of 'stuff' on the computer and our actions at the restaurant tell me that something may happen. Are you ready?" She nodded her head and purred, "Michael, anything you want." I took that as my queue to move ahead. I told her that I have a special room for people like her but I wanted her to see it before we proceeded.

"Dorothy, this is my playroom." I pointed out a St. Andrew's Cross, a rack that actually could stretch its captive, paddles, switches, and my personal favorite, an adjustable X-frame that could move in any posiion. Dorothy sat on the bench to assess what she may have unknown consequences. Again, she dangled that shoe off of her toe, on the end of that toe at the end of her leg that was wearing black stacking with seams up the back. Not panty hose but stockings with a garter. Damn!

I pulled out a blindfold from a drawer and said, "Do you trust me?" She nodded yes. I placed the blindfold on her and stood her up. I slowly unbuttoned her dress and watched it fall to the floor surrounding her ankles. I took ahold of her hands and said, "Just step forward - baby steps, Dorothy." She did as I asked. She was quite the vision as she stoof there in a lacy black bra, panties (OMG) and those stockings. Oh those stockings.

I led her to the X-frame and helped her up. I asked her if she was alright and she said that she was. I eased behind her with my hand and unsnapped he bra. Her bosom fell from within to reveal the most dusty rose colored nipples that I have seen. I tehn sneaked under her arms to test her ticklishness and as I did so, I said, "Tell me Dorothy, does that tickle?" She didn't need to answer as I could see that it did as her shoulders bunched up and she breathed a sexy laugh.

"I'm gonna guide you back onto the X-frame, alright?" She nodded and i did just that. I guided her arms to the top of the X and secured her wrists into the leather cuffs and then moved to the opposite end of the X. There her sexy, sexy feet arched, her creamy soles ached for my attention but I had to get her secured first. Around each ankle a placed a leather strap and fastened them tightly. i did the same around her thighs and upper arms. To be extra safe; you never really know how ticklish anyone is until you get them strapped in, I secured a leather strap around her hips and locked it to the frame. "Oh Dorothy," I breathed, "You're about to be tickled!"

I steepped back to take in the full appreciation of my "catch" and began to trace her body with a feather to seek out her most sensitive areas. Dorothy was highly reactive and moreso around her ears, under her arms, her upper rib cage, hip bones, the soft area above her sweet vagina, all down her legs and those super-sensitive and sexy feet. I kissed her deeply on the mouth and tickled her under the arms at the same time. it was like riding a bronco as she rolled back and forth and tried to thrust upward.

I climbed atop her and straddled her midsection. There i could reach almost anywhere to tickle her. . . after all that's what she asked for. Well, almost. Her request was, "Tickle **** me." I got off of her and went to the foot of the X-frame. Oh her sexy feet. I started to tickle her through those sexy black nylons an she laughed as if there was no tomorrow. Her laughter was wild and quite arousing and I was getting a natural high from hearing it. But that wasn't enough for me. I wanted to not just make her laugh but make her want to ***.

It felt sexy so I started to tear at the soles of her black nylons so I could get at those pale arches that cried out for attention. With my fingertips, I scribbled all over her soles. I bent down as touching was not enough either. I began to kick her soles and she arched her foot causing wrinkles in her instep. Oh God, I was in Heaven and this angel took me there. My natural high increased as her laughter made me more drunk. Without thinking, my hand found its way to her vagina as I made love to her foot. I parted her lips and pushed my way in as I continued to lavish her soule with my mouth and tickle the other sole with my free hand.

Her breathing changed. It was shallow but quick as I found her **** and rolled it between my fingers and slathered her soles with my tongue. Then it happened. Dorothy's muscles tightened and she stopped breathing. Oh God, she was having an ******! It lasted for a long time and I wanted her to enjoy yet another. I moved up between the X-frame and slid my erect **** into her as I tickled her hip bones. Dorothy tightened around my erect shaft and took in several deep breaths again. "Oh no! Oh no! Oh GOD! and she experienced another ****** and then another. Being satisfied that she was sated, I pushed in as far as possible and I too had an ******. It was powerful and very dynamic as she tightened her muscles around me.

I began to tickle her again using feathers and brushes and fuzzy mittens just to hear her laugh. "No, no Michael, I can hardly breathe." I replied, "Maybe a rest then we can do this again." She laughed and drifted off to sleep still strapped in to the X-frame.

"Oh is she gonna get tickled, or what?" I thought.
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Hot story! You're such a devil, all the time!

Michael, that is one very HOT Story my friend!!! Wow, wish I could have been there to witness that beautiful scene you two had that evening!!!! :)

It was the absolute best!

Wow!!!! have never heard of such a thing until here on EP. Grrreat introductory story on tickle addicts for me.

I am such an addict myself. I seem to never get enough of either end of tickling.

See I was wonderin how it worked ...bcause wen I gt tickled I tend to squirm away...Its like I have no control ....I do love laughing

Well, you would have to be securely bound to make movement a near impossibility.

Wow thats someting else....prolly get a good high of it...nice

And I went into more detail in your mailbox. Didn't want the whole world to see this.

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