Too Close For Caffeine Comfort

Tim Hortons it's just my vice, it is coffee in general- Timmies just seems to be the most convenient (and change friendly).

For a few years now I could settle with getting coffee from Tims whenever I was near one but considering I was hardly ever near one I was okay. Then the office moved. We moved to a condo building which just happens to have a Timmies located at the bottom floor. Yes that's right, I just have to zip down the whole 19 floors in the elevator and voila! There is a Tim Hortons!

This summer has been blistering hot therefore I have taken a liking to drinking their ice coffees but as of late the buggers have failed to keep themselves adequately stocked up on the sweet sweet solution. I have has to suffer- well not really, I have just had to resort to drinking plain old coffee again.

One milk two sugars. Not quite the typical double double- once there was a time for the expected. Now I have evolved my coffee pallet.
Linxer Linxer
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

The bagels are pretty tasty- I actually had an everything bagel with herb and garfunk today for breakfast.

love their bagels :) . . yum yum and cafe mocha to die for . . .