I eat vicodin they help me get through my day they help stabilize my mood and keep me moving and doing what I have to do its expensive and I want to feel good without the pills but I cant.

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3 Responses Oct 23, 2008

Do u want off them or not?I guess I'm alittle confused.I'm also an addict,I have bn for nine yrs.I would do anythng to get clean!!I feel the same way,w/o em I feel lke death,have u thought about methadone?I'm startn that next week!

I don't get it, everyone says they are expensive, but that must be off the street, I wouldn't know where to look. And at the drug store they are insanely cheap. Maybe I should get a big old RX and make me some dough. JK. I'd take them all.

I know but it doesnt have the same effect great for bed though!!!