I have been addicted to vicodan for 10 1/2 yrs....I had a back injury and then I go thru a bottle like candy.....I have gained 50lbs because when I take them I crave sweets like I have never before...sometimes eating 5 to 8 candy bars at night...has vicodan done this to anyone elses appetite? I don't want my family & friends to know they would be shocked...pls help

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Vicodin has made me hungry, sometimes. But the two biggest compulsions when I am high is to smoke and watch tv. I can easily go through 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes in a day and watch 15 or more hours of television. It is horrible. I have neglected my like, my health, my children...I'm working on it. I hope you find peace...SS

I am in a constant state of restlessness because of my med trifecta. everyone seems to have a different definition for restlessness (my cousin and I actually had this conversation today) but for me it means wanting to do something but nothing sounds good, and this is where my med trifecta creates that restlessness. my daily dose for my meds are 2 Ritalin LA (Long Acting), 1 Ritalin IR (Instant Release), 1mg of Ativan, and 4 Vicodin 750s. this is the dilemma.. the Ritalin makes me want to read articles on my computer ALL damn day till it wears off. its weird, It never makes me want to read books or anything fictional, it makes me want to read medical studies, drug facts and interactions (not for any particular reason I just like to its like a compulsion), addiction stories (hence im on this site almost all day everyday)... really any kind of article I can either relate to or learn some obscure knowledge from. so that's what the Ritalin does. the Ativan on the other hand makes me pretty much just want to relax with my eyes closed or stare at the ceiling in a state of overwhelming calm. usually the Ritalin is the stronger of the two drugs though so basically I still want to read articles but will less intensity then had I not taken the Ativan. then with the vicodin, all I want to do is lounge around and watch countless hours of good television which often leads me to random documentaries and comedies on Netflix. so the dilemma is the Ritalin makes me want to read and learn, the Ativan makes me want to lay back and close my eyes and the vicodin makes me want to watch unlimited amounts of television. when I mix all 3 together at the same time though, while I feel amazing from the combination of powerful narcotics, I DONT WANT TO DO ****. I don't want to read, lay down or watch television and so nothing pleases me. lucky for me though I have finally devised the ultimate medication schedule after 4 years of trial and error and 3 days ago I finally got the chemistry right. instead of taking all these meds at the same time I stagger them by the clock. I wake up at 10AM and take my first 20mg Ritalin LA. then at 1pm I take my second Ritalin LA. then between 3 and 4 (never later then 4) I take my 20mg Ritalin IR. then when I start to feel the crash around 6 I take my 1mg Ativan. within an hour, all traces of the Ritalin buzz are gone. my heart rate and breathing has slowed, my body relaxes and I stop repetitively rubbing my index finger and thumb together and my mind slows down. by 7 oclock all traces of the Ritalin buzz are completely gone but this includes the euphoria. now I feel relaxed but sort of depressed that the Ritalin buzz is over and I wont feel it again till ten the next day. well this also happens to be when my pain is at its absolute peak so I pop 2 vicodin 750s. the pain disappears and a warm blanket of mild opiate euphoria washes over me. then at 9 I take my trazadone and zyprexa. the trazadone is for sleep and the zyprexa is for bi polar disorder, and both of these meds are strong (though non narcotic) sedatives which help tremendously with sleep. that said, after years of building a tolerance, the drowsy effects usually take about 3 hours to kick in, hence I take them at 9. then at midnight I take my second two vicodin 750s and the euphoria comes back even quicker (I should note that I have a very high opiate tolerance and usually 4 vicodin 750s over the course of 5-6 hours dosent get me high at all but the Ativan potentiates the drugs effects like crazy so those first two vicodin of the day for example feel like 5 and then add two more later and man do I feel fantastic. after popping the second two vicodin 750s at midnight, my zyprexa and trazadone are fully kicked in along with the sedative effects of the Ativan and vicodin and I usually drift off to sleep with great ease around 1Am. its taken 4 years to get this formula right but FINALLY I have done it. and now I can focus, be anxiety free, be virtually pain free, sleep, and have a stable mood. aw, life is good.

I hope that you will find help with your addiction. I have taken vicodin after surgery, but I could never get addicted because they absolutely constipate me!<br />
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I do believe that they make you crave sweets, though.