An Addiction That's Not Going To Kill Me

I absolutely LOVE playing Words With Friends on my iPhone!  It's the best way to kill time while waiting at a doctor's office, the dmv, my son's practices, or just about any other time to kill.  For of those of you who don't have an iPhone, it's an app that's available for FREE which allows you to play a game exactly like Scrabble with your friends that have the same app.  You can also select a random game which sets up a game between you and a complete stranger.  Most of the time I have at least 8-10 games going at a time.  I especially love playing certain friends that seem to match me with their Scrabble skills, it makes the game more interesting.  I also enjoy the chat feature, which is extremely entertaining when you are playing against someone that loves to talk smack the entire game and then your score ends up blowing them out of the gotta love those sneak attack triple letter & triple word score combos using 10 point letters.  Get's them every time!  If anyone out there is ever up to a round or two, just look me screen name is Palooka5.  Best of luck to you and may the best speller win! 
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4 Responses Sep 7, 2010

If you love WWF, check out the latest challenging and fun word game; TRIWORDZ (available for iOS and Android mobile devices).

OMG, I'm envious. I like playing scrabble, and this sounds like a lot of fun. No iPhone, though. Perhaps some day . . . SOB!!!

I enjoy Words With Friends too and am quite good at it. I took a break for a while and just started playing again. At one point I was playing so well that one of my random opponents accused me of cheating before they quit. I guess they were beginning and just didn't have the patience to learn how to play.

I like it too. I haven't been very lucky hooking up with people who will complete a game, even though they are losing. Then they won't just resign and I have to wait ages before they are gone. I am also upset that they have come out with a cheat program for the game. NO FAIR !<br />
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I really like the game. I also like hooking up with folks to play Scrabble on my iTOUCH and at <br />
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Word games are lots of fun. I'm not an expert. I just like to play.