This Game Is Taking Up All My Time But I Love It.......................

I started playing WoW about 3 months ago and at first things were ok but the higher I got in the game the more I had to play it. Now I have a lvl 65 Death Knight and all I do is play I'm up until 3-4 in the morning I'm playing the damn game in my dreams and it's all I think about.
Deathkhan73 Deathkhan73
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2010

I know that feeling. If you don't want to have it start seriously impacting your quality of life, you need to put some limits on your play time. I'd suggest no more than three hours a day on your days off and maybe an hour a day on workdays. i know, i know... it's really hard to get anywhere in the game if you only play a few hours at a time, but the rest of your life is going to continue whether you participate or not, and you're gonna miss stuff you'll regret.

Im up til 6 a.m. everymorning with my guild co-owner. Sometimes i dont even sleep at all and the next day will work an 8 hour shift. This game will be the end of us all....