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So yea am a totally normal girl (well was) had my interests like shopping etc and I'd always been interested in computing and games. I did had friends etc but there was a massive load of crap what happened at high school so I kinda got left on my own for years. Started playing WoW nearly 2 years ago and I'm totally addicted, I quit uni have no job basically it's my life. But what am I meant to do when I don't have many friends to hang out with.

To make matters worse I met a guy on WoW and I'm totally in love with him, despite having a real life boyfriend. I don't know what it is, it wasn't just playing together, we had a connection talking to on the phone for hours we felt in love. But all he does is treat me like ****, calls me names puts me down. He's broke it off once and then we got back together. I can't leave WoW or this guy. It's like he has a sad life too, doesn't go out but somehow he has this control over me and I'd never let anyone in real life treat me like this, but I always go crawling back to him. We were meant to be meeting for real but he's not interested anymore but still has this control over me.
Anyone else been in similar situation?
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Your story is a lot like mine. I'm a normal girl, I'm attractive, I'm healthy, I have an education, an awesome family, a few really good friends. There isn't much to be unhappy about. But I spend hours upon hours every day playing WoW. I have an 85 rogue, warlock and warrior. Soon to be 85 priest. I'm obsessed. <br />
I've been playing for 4 years, and have barely kept a job in those 4 years. I make money online through sites like IMVU and SecondLife. But they don't cover rent. Thus, I'm still with a boyfriend who has cheated on me and abuses me both verbally and physically. Why? Because he puts up with my addiction, so I put up with his bullshit. I'm ashamed of it honestly. But I can't see my life any other way.<br />
I also have a huge crush on a guy I met through the game. We play together every day. We get each other in game gifts all the time. We talk on vent for hours. He's nothing special, honestly. If we met irl I don't think it would work out in the end. But in game we just click so well. <br />
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Belfy, I feel for you. The guy you're talking about sounds like a total douchebag. I know what its like when you feel the connection there and just can't let it go. Even if it's hurting you. With or without the game, I hope you find happiness. <3

Quit while you can, that stuff is worse then crystal meth

Belfy, it's time to quit. I know, you hate hearing it, but it's time. Your relationship with this guy on WoW is degrading and wrong. It will probably ruin your RL relationship (if it hasn't already) and it's destroying your sense of self. You're spending many too many hours ingame. You need to pull the plug on this thing. Donate your gold to a worthy guild, say your good-byes to your homies, delete your toons and inform Blizz that they will no longer be able to have your $15 per month. <br />
<br />
At the same time, make sure that you have something to do in the hours that you would normally have been playing WoW: re-enroll in Uni, get involved with study groups, study in the library, go out with the new friends you make and with the old friends you refind, Don't be embarrassed about knowing that you had an electronic addiction... this is going to more and more the health care disaster of the future. Chemical addiction is still going to be a problem, but electronic addiction is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. You're not lame, you're not a loser... you're addicted.

.. first time i heard this kind of umm story i thought i was addicted.. hehe ^^ but it semms im just in the beggining stage of addiction i just play like 2 horus a day and like 3 days a week ^^. I dont know why u do wat u do but heres a thought make urslef a cofee and have a ciggerate ( if u smoke ) then think about how u could spend ur time in a better way .. my opinion anything is beeter than wasting ur time on wow and well tht guy ^^.. just a thought <br />
smyll b safe be beautiful :)

Oh and btw I have 3 level 80's all horde - lock, rogue and mage