Going Down Hill

My main- 68 druid( yea your thinking what a scrub right) but the main thing i do is play the AH. Buying,selling,trading is what i do and am extremely good at it. Hit my first 10k gold at lvl 35 from just buying and reselling gems. Have 0 professions. Currently have over 100k worth of BOE items including the rarest item in the game- Hyacinth Macaw. Not included are 2 choppers, one which i use on my main and the other for my 40 alt. Co-own a guild that just created an ICC team. Neither my co-owner or me are high enough lvl to do ICC so idk why the **** we even have an ICC team. Before that it was a lvl 60 twink guild with about 30 twinks. I pretty gave up my social life in real life for wow. I would rather be on wow than partying and being with ppl in real life. WoW is the most loved and hated thing for me. Been playing for 5 months now. Started off with a few hours a day, now its 10-15 on average. I was searching for WoW groups around me where i can meet ppl who play in real life around me but now am looking for support groups for ppl trying to quit. I failed my first semester of college due to this game. If you could shoot me any websites you know of with real life support groups and how to find them based on where you live, that would be awesome or if you want to throw in any advise that would be great as well.
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My love for WoW just died out over time. I played it since January 2007 days after The Burning Crusade came out and I was completely obsessed with the game 2007 - 2010. I don't play anymore because I am simply burned out from playing.

You want to quit? Then quit.<br />
<br />
Cold turkey. It is the only way.<br />
<br />
Deinstall it right now, never look back. That is how I and many others did it.<br />
That game will suck the life out of you if you let it, but ONLY if you let it.<br />
<br />
Now 2,5 years later I have my life on track again (played 4 years with beta included)<br />
and I still have the occasional urge to play, but there is just no in between. You cannot<br />
play WoW for an hour a day, it just doesn't work that way because it's an MMO.<br />
<br />
Just cold turkey for 21 days and you'll notice how you'll still feel like playing the game but it will seem like such a waste of time because of all the things you can get done in the time you weren't playing wow.<br />
<br />
That's how I did it anyways, hope it helps and GOOD LUCK!

I understand the draw of WoW, because I have felt it too. It's a world where you can go and be anything you want. You can submerse yourself in Azeroth and not have to worry about the day to day crap that you would normally have to deal with. You can be as powerful or as lazy as you wanna be and no one is gonna give you crap. If they do, BAM! on the ignore list and go on about your business.<br />
<br />
It sounds to me like if you're going to get out of this addiction, you're going to have to force the issue. You're not going to be able to pull back a little and 'moderate' your usage, SIDEeffect. You need to give all your gold to your guild or whatever, say your good-byes, delete your characters and notify Blizz to cancel your account. Does that sound shocking to you? It's a measure of your addiction that you're saying to yourself "No WAY! I've worked to hard on this to just throw it away like that."<br />
<br />
But that's the reality, Side. It isn't going to get better if you don't do something radical. And you need to have something planned for taking up the time you would normally use playing Warcraft, so you don't sit around bored and fall back into it. Join a study group (or several) so that you have things to do and places to go most nights of the week. Get out of your place and go to the university library to study on the night s when you aren't in a study/workout/whatever group. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll have WoW dreams for the first couple weeks...I did, when I quit. But eventually those go away too, and you can reconnect with your life RT, and I think you'll find it pretty rewarding.<br />
<br />
Good luck, and hope you make it back to earth safely.

Go to this website http://www.wowdetox.com/ it tell story of how wow ruin other ppl life. In my case even though I got 5 level 80's, 4 level 70's and 10's of alt, I still don't consider myself addicted. I only play at night when all my friend and family is asleep so wow wouldn't interfere with real life and since I don't raid or arena, I can play at my own time which usually is less than 3 hr a day. I'm married, self -employed, pay off my house and car, and have no debt.

yeah im addicted too, but im not ready to quit. i love the game, considering that im unable to work do to a disability, so i stay at home with my kids. and one of the things me and my oldest does together is play wow when his chores are done... i wish i could figure out how to play the ah, cause that just confuses me so...... laterzz