HELP !!!

actually i'm not addicted but i wanted to talk to people who are and ask some questions. I have 3 family members that are and one of them is my husband and its hurting the rest of our family. There are 7 of us all together and its getting bad. I need help !!! I have tried to talk to them about it an so far nothing is helping. I need some suggestions .I'm desperate

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I GET YOU! my bf/baby daddy is OBSESSED. used to be much worse..used to play like 12 hrs a day, non-stop. Wouldn't hear me when I talked...even had an affair with a friend off of WOW. she drove 150 miles to **** my man. This game is ******* stupid! It ruins lives!! please talk to him or something...he'll open his eyes too late and you'll be gone. We've been working on our relationship since the cheating..and his game is the only thing causing unhappiness. It's not good...not at all.

The problem with WoW is that it's like it's own little world. Well, big world. I have called in to work with "rez sickness," and I just quit my job with the intension of playing much much more wow. Working 9-5, I get up at 6:30 to play for a while, scan the AH while I shower, and go to work. At work, I talk about WoW to my boss, and when I get home, I start vent and WoW before I change out of my work clothes. <br />
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What can you do when someone is addicted? I think we are using the game to run away from everything else in life that is bad or hard to deal with. Do your family members have anything to leave the game for? A family dinner, AFK? A weekend away, without the laptop? Playing hookie on Tuesday between 5 and 11AM ,server?<br />
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There needs to be a compelling reason to step away. And not all at once, just for a little bit at a time. We are hiding in WoW, we can't just stop cold turkey. In WoW we are good, powerful, important. What are we at home?

I'm not sure what a WoW addict would be able to tell you. Install a virus on your computer so it crash?