I Used to Play Wow

I have invested far too much time in that game also.

A level 70 troll priest.

A level 70 resto druid.

A level 70 holy paladin.

I played for two years, got tired of it and stopped.  I don't miss it.  I do miss the friends I made there, though.

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my bf is worse. Level 90 on every character he has. It's ruining our life together. I would have left him a LONG time ago over this...but we have a kid together and its just very complicated. I wish he would stop and see what he's doing.

my bf and i play together. we really want to get the game and an account for his son in japan (loooooong story) because he like playing the game. It would be cool for them to play together. so its not really an excuse i think that the game is good like that.

No, it really wasn't that tough for me.<br />
<br />
When the Burning Crusade was released, our guild made a transfer to another less populated server. This was great for getting up to level 70, but soon we lost guildies due to quitting the game and other reasons. Our server is really small and cliquish, and pick-up groups are hard to come by, especially decent ones. So I was bored with logging on, doing dailies, and not having enough people online to do anything else.<br />
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Hubby and I are considering buying the expansion.

Oh man, it had to have been tough to walk away? Did you replace it with anything? It is a huge investment of time. I understand that. I was going to walk away when my subscription is up in December, but now the expansions coming out. my son is in the military and I can play with him some even though he's not here, etc, etc... Always excuses, eh?