Is my lvl 80 NE Druids name. I have quite a few high lvl characters but my druid is my favorite. I have been playing WOW for over 2 years and it helps my mind wind down at night after work. It has this calming effect on my brain and lets me think. It also helps when I get mad or when I am angry about something to go into BG's and tear other players up :) So Ya im slightly addicted :D

I also got my 9 yr old daughter addicted now and we fight for computer time... Lol

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2 Responses Jan 20, 2010

I play WoW as well...never got into playing droods, I have to admit. My one attempt at seriously leveling a drood got to leve 29 or so and then ended up being my bank alt on Sentinels, US. My two oldest characters are a human Paladin and a human Priest. Both were rather hard to level and I haven't done either one again since, but I enjoy both of 'em.<br />
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I like to pvp, but mostly at lower levels. I keep creating new characters, pvp-ing with 'em up to about level 39 or so, and then deleting 'em and starting another.

Druids are fun ! My wife has a feral druid, great for tanking with about 50k health unbuffed, and I just started one which I'll probably go boomkin with, initially. Space chicken ftw, lol!