Addicted to Pc Games and the New **** Is Called Wowcrack

When I was young playing sports was my thing. Chased the girls when I wasn't at football or baseball practice. Your average jock who pretty much laughed at people who played video games all day OR even monthly to play a game. Total loser right? Since I was 13 my dad had it figured out I was gonna be some star in sports or something and pretty much kept me in the house all the time so he bought a computer to keep me busy so I would not got nuts on him I guess. So all I could do after practice/games/school was play on my computer. It started out with Diablo and Age of Empires. Just like sports I turned out to be very competitive in games and with nothing else to do why not show my friends and others how bad *** I am? Cocky right? haha.

Well soon enough me and my friends were making money playing Diablo using bots to farm items. We all had multiple lvl 99s which was pretty insane. Hit top 50 worlds in Age of Empire expansion called Age of Kings and Conquerors. In this time a lot of internal family drama was going on and before you knew it I was not playing this game because I had nothing else to do, but to "Zone out". I stopped wanting to be apart of what was going on around me at home. Separated parents who fought constantly and my dad pretty much abused everyone in the family physically and mentally. I was playing my games 20 hours a day sometimes and when I got old enough I would wake up and play right before work, right after work sleep for 3-4 hours and do it all over again until my body couldn't do it anymore then I would sleep for a day. In the middle of all this I managed to break the addiction through having a child and needing to get more work.

Well like always routine was boring and I was now separated for multiple reasons. I know ignoring your girlfriend to play games because you think she is boring or whatever the reason is but all jokes aside this chick was rotten (in my defense), but of course her complaint was that I ignored her to play games all the time so what I did in my next relationship was work out and go to work. Take her out and hang out when I could.

2 years into the relationship I run into a dilemma. I am spoiled with the job I have and love the girl I am with and then I am forced to make a career decision. Keep getting by with my 9-5 or work as part time at a crappy toss of the dice job and eventually make 100k a year. I rolled the dice. Wasn't long before I lost my car, my place, money to take her out all the time or even visit her because I lost my car. Greed got the best of me and I was blind sided. With things going bad again it was like I totally reverted. 2 years of not playing any game addictively. 13 to 19 playing games and I managed to squeeze 2 years of nothing after I met this girl and as soon as **** hit the fan what game came out? World of Warcraft. On top of this career decision my mom passes from cancer leaving me to take care of my 2 younger sisters and my daughter which as you might have guessed became my new excuse to play games. 

Its 2009 and 5 years later and if you have done the math you have figured out that I have been playing that game steady. 7 level 70s and all the content cleared at level 80 in WOTLK with 2 80s... Nothing to show for it in real life.



  • 15$ for a month of entertainment or 11$ is you do the yearly plan is the best bang for your buck.
  • Friends playing online make the game even better since you can talk in Ventrilo at the same time.
  • Stress relief. Taking my mind off of everything when I jump on makes things easier to deal with.
  • When your having fun time will fly. Helping the kids with homework between battlegrounds or bosses definitely make time fly.

Cons/Reason to believe I have a problem

  • I ignore phone calls if I am in the middle of something important in game.
  • Ill ditch my girlfriend to play WoW. I guess she bores me sometimes.
  • There have been times I have ignored the kids. Ill make dinner and finish their homework and hit WoW. Before you know it they are getting ready for bed.
  • Probably the worst con is getting hooked into a Raid or something like that and staying up till 3-4am playing and waking up late the next day and not taking care of business.
  • Before I played I was 160 pounds and bench pressed 225. I could curl 50 pound bar bells on 1 hand. I could do military push ups till I got bored and now I weigh 210 and fell pretty fat. Even have a couple of stretch marks =/

So I obviously have a problem because it has dipped into my personal life. Its not just off time anymore, but people get bored. I need something to do and going out with my friends to bars and clubs is not something I can do. Its too expensive and I have kids at home. Do I just need to create boundaries for myself? Rules? Something to regulate my time on it or do I just need to quit? My girlfriend thinks I am cheating on her because she cant figure out what I do with my spare time. I told her I play my game when I am not busy with the kids or work and I don't think she buys it. I dunno. Anyways.. even though it might seem pathetic.. this is my story.


Godsmac Godsmac
22-25, M
Mar 12, 2009