I din't realize I had ADHD as a child. I kenw I was a very hyperactive but that's it. I've always been a distracted person but never thought much of it. Then I got the worst job I could possibly have, for someone with ADHD. I started to get really stressed to the point that I got psoriasis in my hands. At first I thought it was some fungus and got treated for it for about three months, then my doctor said it was anxiety. I went to a psychologist and I got diagnosed with ADHD, GAD and OCD at 28 yeats of age. Looking back into my life I realize I did have all that, I'd just learned to cope with time.


Anyway, now my life is better knowing that I'm not stupid and that there is somenthing I can do about it.

Azkary Azkary
26-30, F
Mar 20, 2009