Incredible Lifelike Reborn Dolls

I came across these dolls in South Africa in February, 2012. Everyone was talking about them and I did not know what the fuss was about until I saw one for myself. They do look like real babies, veins and all. They are even weighted to feel like a baby. With all the ew and ahs, I became quite hooked myself!
I returned home to the Maritimes, and discovered that nobody had heard of them. I began to watch them on eBay and found some of the artists very good. The price on the other hand was extremely high (for a good doll). One sold for just over $26 000 USD in the summer. I bet that little dollie went to her new home, nursery and all. This particular doll was a limited edition and beautifully painted by her designer, a very talented lady. Most dolls sell for between $180 to $2000 USD.
Who collects these wonderful pieces of art? From what I can see, mainly doll collectors, emptynesters and those who need to cuddle for stress relief. There is nothing like cuddling a baby, and these dolls come very close. Not only that, but they sleep through the night, and make little fuss or mess.
I became so taken by these dolls that I decided to make one for myself. I did some research, bought the kit and proceeded on a month-long voyage of discovery. Painting a doll to look real is not the easiest thing to do. There is a technique and no doll maker will tell you all.
I made a number of mistakes with my first doll, Shyann, but the end result was good. Strangers think that she is the real thing, until they realize she doesn't blink! When I went in for my medical appointment, my doctor spent more time with her then he did with me! His secretary screamed when she realized it was not real! I could not have asked for a better reaction!
There were days whilst making her, when I became quite despondent trying to get the 'right look', and others where I could only smile. One of those many 'smiles' was when one evening in the summer, my partner and I had just had our dinner, and we were watching the sunset. Shyann's head, which I had painted and baked that day, was sitting on the coffee table in front of us. She still had no eyes and the sun shone through the vinyl and produced a 'demon glow' which radiated out between her eyelids. The Exorcist here we come. It was enough to put you off dolls forever!
When I parted with my second doll, I took her to the local pharmacy, which also serves as our post office, to have it weighed. Dolly got passed amongst the 6 staff members, all cuddling it along the way. I watched in fascination as a line up started with customers in the store 'wanting to hold the baby' What fun we had that day. What a hoot!
I have since gone on to make more dolls, and am enjoying every minute of it. The one I am working on at the moment is a preemie. You know the look a baby gets on its face when it is handed to a stranger? Well, it has just that look!
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Hi, I've had some funny experiences while out and about. Mostly I get asked WHY. Well I just say BECAUSE I CAN. So far they always ask why, or is this some kind of project. Or how long do the batteries last. Just the other day I stopped at a fundraiser table for Spina bifida. And the guy behind the table took one look at my boy in the shopping trolley and asked " therapy" well I was taken aback at first. then after a second of hesitation I replied ,SURE WHY NOT". One he was a man and two he hit the nail on the head. I'm not seeing anyone for therapy . But I guess that's what I'm using the babies for. They are great company, stress release.
Oh don't get me wrong I know they are not real. I know that. Like I would go out for the day and leave a real baby on its own. I don't get my grown kids to babysit either. So I'm not completely around the bend .
I don't see the harm in having a doll at any age. I have seen some strange you tube videos of taking reborns to the doctors for injections and checkups. Cooking real food and formula bottles for them.
I did make some fake bottles for them. And they have magnetic dummies. A bowl and cutlery. Also have gotten some fake foods to put in their bowls while sitting their high chair. They have baby rattles and teddies.
I guess it's up to the individual mum.

Im a newbie to the site and waiting for my first ever reborn to arrive. I cant wait! I think its because my two children have grown up. Anyway I have wanted one for years and cant wait to finally get him x lovely story to share, thank you

Hi Joloves,
Many thanks for your comment on my Reborn Dolls. How very excited you must be awaiting your reborn. Enjoy him and have fun cuddling.

I havent' took mine in public yet but will eventually but am in need of a stroller, see got rid of all my actual daughter's stuff before I got my reborn as my daughter is 8 yr old and reborn just got last week so it was an age gap you could say so I need to definatley take her for a stroll!! But yet they can be extremely expensive!!! :D

Many thanks for reading my story. Good luck with you dolls and getting a stroller.

Try a baby pouch carrier. I find them much easier and a lot cheaper than prams

I write about my reborn doll experiences on the "I Adore Reborn Dolls" group page. I just found this group by accident. Seem like there are more and more people into reborn dolls. Check my stories out if you like. I loved how you took the doll into the post office and got it weighed. That was a great reaction you got. Perhaps you will get some orders for dolls that way.

Many thanks for your comments on my story. Yes I have had a couple of orders through the post office, and the staff there are always happy to see the new additions.
I have added you to my contacts and will have a look at your stories too.
Many thanks again.