Feeling Like A Burden

I to was adpoted into family. My fathers father adopted me. And for about 10 years it was just me and him. He then died when i was 12 and had to go move with my brother and his mom. After awhile, i started to get the feeling that i was a burden, and was not wanted in the house, but was there because she had no other choice. I never felt like i was apart of her family, and i told her that, and i told her that she treats my brother so much better than me, because he's "her" son. I didn't get the motherly love that i so deeply wanted to be loved and treated like someone's own child. But i know, she will never love me like her own, she never has. and i just recently found my birthmother, and i don't know what to think or how to act or react. i feel emotionless sometimes. I wish i could talk to someone who can relate and help me out.. all i want is to be understood..
Kfizzel Kfizzel
Nov 29, 2012