My 3 Mothers

Ever since I was little, my parents were very open to me about being adopted. It wasn't a secret and it wasn't a big deal. When I was four, I'd talk to strangers about myself and was most likely to say something like, "I went to the park yesterday and petted my cat and I'm adopted and my best friend is a boy." To me, my parents were the ones who had taken care of me and raised me since I was old enough to remember.
When I was older and had more questions, my parents were very truthful. I had been adopted from South Korea, and, according to the adoption workers, my birth mother was a young, single Korean businesswoman, who had had a one night stand with a Japanese businessman. She had intended to keep me, but when I was born prematurely, there were too many medical bills for her to pay. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine now, but when I was born I looked like a baby sea monkey. So it was off to the adoption agency for me. When they explained that, it was clear to me that she had done what was best for me, and I was very grateful for that.
The next "mother" I had was my foster mother. She was a middle-aged, widowed Korean woman, and she cared for me from my earliest days until I was adopted. I have pictures of her, carrying me strapped to her back and feeding me. She seemed like a very sweet lady. When all my adoption papers had been signed, I had to be photographed with my Korean name for records. My foster mother held me in this picture and she just looks so sad. I'm sure she had done this before, raised a child and then had to part with him/her, but I'm sure it never got any easier.
My adoptive mother is the last mother I have. She's put up with me ever since I was six months old. We fight and disagree and are both strong-willed, but we love each other very much. She had 8 miscarriages before she adopted me and so to her, I was always her little miracle.
In short, I've never met my birth mother, but that's not a big deal. I know what happened, I don't need closure. Maybe she would like to meet me one day, and maybe I'll find her. But the records in Korea are pretty shady and it would be difficult. I'm at peace with her decision and I like to think she is, too.
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Jan 15, 2013