My Sister And I Were Adopted

This is a long story and it’s still not over.

I am the older of the two, we were adopted because my adoptive parents couldn't have kids and they really felt like they can give us love in return for nothing. Or so I thought. Later I found out my mother, adopted us so that we may pay her back in the future. Literally.

My father is a great man but is and always has been blind to what my mother says and does, and the things she does are so unbelievable, he doesn't believe me.

I am an adult now, and have my own family and my sister is also an adult, but she is mentally disabled. My mother takes advantage of her and her condition. She has my sister working and paying for everything, while my mother sits back and collects the money, my sister cleans the house, cooks the food, takes care of the dog, while my mother is probably watching all my children or something. My father of course comes home from work and my mother acts like it’s been a busy day, she's all tired, etc, and he believes it. My sister told me after I asked her, she said she prefers to stay home alone on the weekends while my parents go out and spend her money, because that way she takes a break from her.

Speaking of breaks, my mother broke my pinky finger on the right hand when I was about 5 or 6. She did it because when she was young she broke that same finger, and since she couldn't have kids, she really wanted me to look like I came from her as much as possible, so she grabbed my hand and pulled my pinky back until it broke. I told my dad, but of course he didn't and still doesn't believe me. My mother has called me a bastard child, at least that’s what she told my wife. And that she expects for me to pay her back and take care of her in the future.

My mother’s family always gives her what she wants, ever since she was young, I'm told it’s because, since she couldn't have kids of her own, they felt pity for her. They still give her what she wants, if not, they won’t here the end of it, if you don't do what she wants, she'll put the rest of her family against you. Trust me. They don't like me.

My wife has also felt her physiological and verbal abuse for 13 years.

I just wish there's something I could do for my sister, but I don't want my father to pay for the actions of my mother.

He won’t admit this to anyone, but she abuses my father physiologically as well. She even has a way to get my sister to talk bad about her dad, whenever mom doesn't get her way.

I've asked over and over again for information about my adoption, and my mother refuses to give me any. We slowly put things together but its all very confusing and strange. The adoption agency I was adopted at conveniently burned down, she says. She lost my adoption papers, She does'nt remember anything, but sometimes she states how I'm an ungreatfull bastard child, and that she wouldn't know what would have been of my life if she wouldn't of taken me from "THAT HOUSE". Now,,, what does that meen? Was I abducted? Was my adoption even legal? I meen, theres no paperwork. Do I have any brothers or sisters? I don't know.

Anyway, I told you it was a long story, I'm tired of typing so I'll do a part 2 later...

Thanks for reading, and give me your advice, please...
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HI hun i read your story and it makes me sick.Will you take the time to read my story maybe we can help each other out somehow cause i had an open adoption but the couple wont let us see or know our baby is OK.I am sure your real mom loves and misses you i do my son everyday i wounder how many lies he will be told and whats going to happen when he try's to look for us.

They have many options for finding birth parents now and your mother saying the records are gone is probably not true. Your birth would be on records other then the agency it would be through the state if legal and it would be good to find out now for your medical history if nothing else. Copy and paste this link and hopefully it will help get you started.<br /> <br />
Did you say your mom watches your children? If so you may want to rethink that. If she was/is physically and mentally/emotionally abusive with you and your sister she will likely do the same to your children which you will be a part of just like your father for letting her keep doing it. Not stopping the abuse is the same in my eyes. Your father doesn't believe or maybe he just doesn't want to see (denial doesn't always mean he doesn't know) but he can not keep denying it if you keep your foot down and say no I don't want her in my life. Yes it means you may lose part of your family but the fact is abusive relationships are toxic and sometimes you do have to turn away your own family if they are abusive and refuse to get help. Yes my opinion is just that one of many I wish you all the best and hope you can help yourself and sister get away from your abusive mom.

Wow, I'm so sorry that you and your sister have had to endure abuse at the hands of your mother. Your dad needs to open his eyes before it's too late! Have you spoken to the proper authorities about your sister and the treatment she receives from your mom? And the story you tell of your mom rescueing you from "that house" certainly does sound more like an abduction than an adoption. My prayers are with you and your family.

Ya your father doesnt have illness right? only your sister. anyways I think you are right and should inform someone.

I cannot really relate, but i feel a mixture of emotions right now.<br />
<br />
I am feeling disgust at your "mom" for adopting you just as a "long term investment" and i feel bad for you and your sister, who is being mistreated.<br />
<br />
I really hope something, if i daresay, a miracle happens to you to get you out of this mess...