My Nightmare hopefully turned around

I am 13 years old and live in America. I was born in yangchun china and adopted at the age of 9 months to a single mother with a drug adiction that continued until i was in 5th grade which is why I was "taken away" twice. sometimes i wwould be so emotionally distrut I would cry and say things along the lines of "i wish i could go back to china" i first discovered in intrest in my birth parents in 2007 when i heard that my friend Renee who was also adopted found her twin sister Annie. I did some research and found the website of some a couple with a daughter from the same orphanage, but i didnt find much so i gave up. I told one of my close friends about wishing to find my parents and he said "Anything important to you is worth fighting for". he told me this last week so now im intrested in finding my parents again. i have very few resources though. I have the name and adress of the orphanage, my visa, passport, social security card, health record and certificate of foreign birth for Hawaii. ive met 2 girls from the same orphanage on facebook. i do not want to tell my mom about my search. ever since my grandmother died my mother and i dont get along. right now my main goal is to find the e-mail of the orphanage director. i need closure. i need to know someone else is there. thats why i feel like the person i mentioned before is all that i have and there one of the most important people in my life and i honestly dont know what i would do withouht him by my side. hes the only one that understands me. please if you know anyone that could help please help me. thank you.

dles dles
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2010