Poopy and Naughty!

**WARNING: Contains hardcore Diaper/scat/Lesbian action--- WILL MAKE U SPURT!**

Me and Aunty Pauline.   It was the start of another summer, a time when I looked forward to taking it easy and enjoying the sun. I had always loved the time away from studying, and this summer was set to be great.   I always stayed a week with my Aunty Pauline, she was great, fairly young, only 29, and me 17, so we got on really well. She was the youngest of my mums siblings, and was a lot like myself!   This summer I was going to stay 2 weeks as my mum and dad were off to look at property in Calais (Boring!) any ways, staying 2 weeks with Pauline would be awesome, she had some cool friends and we always drink wine till gone one in the morning!   I remember the day my parents dropped me off at Pauline’s, it was sweltering! I was wearing a vest and short summery skirt, argh it was so hot! Pauline greeted me at the door in her usual get up of tiny bikini and see through sarong ( I wish I looked that good!) I always thought she was very attractive, but that’s normal, im just one woman appreciating another, aren’t I ?   I was sooo jealous this time around though, I mean girls my age had boyfriends, and were sleeping around, but I only had small boobs while Pauline had lovely big firm ones, they reminded me of Jordan’s, but they were real! She had great skin and hair she looked just like Angelina Jolie! But this summer I wanted to get some tips and find out how she looks so good!   ‘Rachael’! Pauline shouted, as she hugged me and her huge boobs pressed into my face, ‘I have missed you sooo much, look at you, a real woman so soon, the boys must love you!’   ‘Sadly not’ I replied, ‘its so hot could I get a drink?’   ‘sure’ Pauline replied.   We spent the next few hours watching bad movies and drinking wine, we ventured out into the garden for an hour to sunbathe, but that made me feel so uncomfortable. Pauline lay on her stomach and took off her bikini top, and asked to me to rub in some lotion, as I did I could feel myself getting turned on. I mean this is so wrong, its my Aunty for Christ’s sake. I shuddered, ‘ You OK love?’ Pauline asked, ‘yeah im fine’ I replied. ‘you don’t sound fine’ she said, I plucked up the courage and explained ‘ recently I have been attracted to not just men, but women, and all different kinds of things have been turning me on, im so confused’, ‘arrr  babes, that’s normal’ Pauline replied ‘ I still feel like that sometimes, you cant even imagine!’ it felt good to know she understood, even if she might just have been humouring me.   ‘I’m going out in a short while, got to sort some stuff out, and pick up some milk and veggies’ you should have a bath and relax, get your head straight’, ‘Thanks Pauline’ I whimpered, feeling as embarrassed yet, relieved as ever. she left just as the sun went down, and I enjoyed a lovely bath, feeling as fresh and clean as ever I went into my room (well the spare room at Paulines) and dried off, I couldn’t find any talc and I love feeling fresh and powdery after a bath, so I crept into Paulines room, there was no sign she had returned and I thought nothing of going into her room.   I headed for the dresser and rooted through the top drawer of lipstick and mascara, nothing. Next drawer down, nothing but thongs and socks! The two drawers on the other side only had moisturisers and other make up in. I had kind of given up the search for the talc, but became quite intrigued whilst looking through my Aunties room. Opening the wardrobe I could see all her wonderful skimpy dresses, and my mind raced with the image of her huge boobs busting at the seams! (god im soooooooo wet!) just beside her wardrobe was a wash bin, I peeked inside and my nipples were hard at just seeing her dresses! Was I really going to do this? I plunged my hand into the mound of used clothes, and rooted until I could feel something frilly, I pulled out a pair of briefs, and a skimpy thong. Jesus! I was getting horny! I dropped my towel and stood completely naked at the end of paulines bed, the briefs had a small skid mark in and had a bit of an odour but I had no worries slipping them on, I was on auto pilot! The thong however was a different case, there was some heavy discharge that had seeped into the fabric, the smell should have been horrible, but I held them under my nose as I furiously rubbed my budding ****, I was literally streaming with moisture, and I came instantly as I poked my tongue onto the gusset of the saucy lingerie. God I felt so wrong as I fell back onto Paulines bed. I whipped off the undies and threw them in the wash bin. I was about to leave her room, when the thought of prying came over just too strong, I saw her laptop on the desk and opened it up. It had been on standby and sprung to life as I opened it. With my confused mind racing, I thought optimistically of finding pictures of Pauline. Getting wet again, I looked through the pictures folder, a few of her were there, having drinks with friends and the like, nights out. ****!! I thought, I really did have a thing for her, I had realised this by now.   Ooh, just as I was about to close the laptop I saw a folder labelled ‘ABDL’, hmm what could this be, something saucy or just boring work stuff?, no harm in looking I thought, might get what I want, a sexy pic of my Aunty! As I opened the folder I became quite surprised, it was Pauline alright, and she was topless, good but not great, as the picture showed her breastfeeding another woman, in a NAPPY, I had to look on and skipped to the next photo, it was Pauline again, but with a different girl, this time she was about my age, wow, she likes girls who pretend to be babies, she likes being their mum? I was so confused, I had never heard of this before. Was it right? Even legal! The more I thought about it, the more I thought I might like it. Pauline was great, and she had awesome breasts, but would I actually go through with something like that! I could hear footsteps and knew I couldn’t get out, I wrapped the towel around me and shot up straight, ‘What are you doing in here?, have you been on my laptop?’ Pauline sounded embarrassed, ‘Err no I errr, ah……yes, yes I have, sorry Pauline’ , ‘Rachael that’s my personal computer, you shouldn’t have been snooping, there are some things no one knows about on there. Im not stupid I suppose you saw?’ ‘yes’ I replied   ‘I did see a few pics, but I wont tell anyone’ ‘thankyou’ she said ‘ I wouldn’t want a lot of people to know, but now you do, I suppose I should explain’   What could she even say?? I thought, I was still so horny, and bing caught, in just a towel was quite sexy!   ‘Im a mummy’ Pauline explained ‘ I pretend to be a parent to young girls, they enjoy regressing and pretending to be babies. They do it because it stress relieving and enjoyable. I do get paid for it, but its also satisfying for me’   ‘wow’ I said ‘ cool’   ‘Cool??’ Pauline exclaimed   ‘Yeah, its different im interested’   ‘Ok’ Pauline said.   ‘But why do they dress like babies, I mean with nappies?’   ‘Well Rach, some of them like the FULL experience of being so young, they really like to let go’   ‘Let go’ I asked   ‘Well, sometimes the girls are dressed, and acting out their fantasy for hours even a day or two at a time, so the nappy is for….realism’   ‘ahhhh’ I said ‘wait even,   errrrrr’   ‘yes, but I don’t mind, I will change their nappies and tend to them because I like doing it, and I love knowing they have had a good time.’   ‘ok, ok, I understand as long as you enjoy it.’   All I could think about was sucking on Paulines nipples, and having her hold me, god I wanted it sooooo badly.   ‘im off to bed’, ‘night’   ‘night rach, see you tomorrow’   I went into my room and pulled out my hair brush, I slid the handle inside myself and flicked my tiny bud until I came, good lord I came SOOOO hard. I slept that night, I really slept.   I woke up in the morning and thought it had been a dream, I couldn’t really believe it. I went downstairs and watched a little tv, after a while I wondered where Pauline was. I walked upstairs and knocked on her door. It was ajar so I peered in. There was a not on the cupboard, ‘look on the bed’, I turned around and saw something on the bed. I reached over and saw a large nappy, ‘good god’ I said aloud ,did she want me to put them on??? I wanted to in a way, I WANTED to be Paulines baby. I slipped off my pyjamas and stood naked, I felt quite chilly, but it was getting sunny outside. I pulled up the nappy and taped it on, it felt snug and crunchy and made a noise when I moved, there was a dummy on the bed too, I put it in my mouth and laid on the bed. I felt really good, part horny, part sleepy. After a few minutes I fell asleep.   I awoke with Pauline sitting beside me, ‘this is it’ I thought, ‘time to be the baby, I want to try it so much’ I said to Pauline. ‘I know she said, but babies don’t talk do they?’ I shook my head, looked sad. ‘Now baby must be hungry, its past midday!’ Pauline unbuttoned her shirt, and her pendulous breasts flopped out. ‘C’mon cutie’ I arched my head upward and went straight to the nipple, ‘good girl’, Pauline said, the nipple felt strange in my mouth, and I began to suckle, it felt so natural. I was wonderfully surprised when I could taste a frothy liquid ‘ Milk ‘ I thought, this is awesome!!! My legs began to squirm and I could feel my self ******* like I had the night before. ‘calm down dear’ Pauline said, as she pulled my head from her bosom. She burped me and laid me down. ‘There you go darling’ have a nice rest. I fell straight to sleep, even tho I was still hungry it was gone 1pm and I hadn’t eaten properly. I awoke at around two, and Pauline had prepared me a meal, it smelt pungent, and horrible!   ‘A lovely Vindaloo for the big baby, lets see if you can go the distance’   I knew exactly what she wanted to happen, I mean come on, a curry, and im in a nappy, it doesn’t take a genius.   I ate the whole bowl, even though it was desgusting, and drank a whole bottle of apple juice to help dampen the spice. My stomach churned as Pauline rocked me to sleep.   I dreamt of flowers and rabbits and other innocent things, but I awoke with a horribly sore stomach at around 5pm, I let out a small yelp as I farted, it felt so good, but was the worst and smelliest I had ever done, it really did stink!!!, I thought I could hold this in but knew it was going to happen so I relaxed and started to pee, I was feeling the warm urine all around my ***** and legs, soaking my nappy thoroughly, Pauline walked in as I finshed. ‘Has baby done a pee pee?’ she asked, I nodded, hmmm I cant smell a poo poo though, do you need one? I nodded, ‘then just relax.   I did relax, and I could feel it pushing against the inside of my bum, the thing was, I knew this was going to be a bit mushy. Urgh!   I made a strange face as I began to push, and Pauline watched on, I heard a fart and could feel the warm mushy poo press against my bum. Pauline was Loving it, she even slipped of her dress to reveal a nappy around her own waist. I kept pushing and felt another roud of smelly poop flowing out. As I was lying there, literally filling my nappy I could see Pauline making the same face, and I could smell her, jesus we were just both pooping!, she moved toward the bed, and laid down next to me. She turned and kissed me. Only quick, but it was wet and lovely. I kissed her back, with a slip of tounge. She realised the gesture and arched up. She undid my nappy and undid her own, she held my legs up as she swapped our nappies over, we were now sitting in each others soiled nappies, I knew now this was something on another level, we had transcended. She lay on to of me and tweaked my nippies, sucked them and nibbled the. We were no longer roleplaying, we were having sex!!!! ‘do me!’ I shouted ‘do me hard!’, Pauline yelped and peeled off both our nappies, there was poop everywhere, but it felt so good, Pauline slipped two fingers inside my P***y, and started spreading our poop around my tiny bud, I could feel myself coming already and was bucking toward her like crazy. I took one look at Pauline and saw her smearing our lovely brown goo in her mouth and around her face, as I came I shouted her name and watched as she furiously rubbed herself, we both climaxed hard and fell into each others arms in a warm, smelly, poop and come filled bed.   I love you aunty Pauline.   Xxx Rach

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Loved it. It's made me all wet in my pooped filled nappy mmmm

LOVED the story <br />
made so horny luv share pictures with you via email<br />
mines leoselwyndavis@hotmail.com<br />
luv 2 here from u<br />
thx leo<br />
if any one else would like to do this send me mail using the adress above

does any one know any one who will do that for me

where does she live please reply at tnlbania@sbcglobal.net if you know anyone who does this

i love the story wish i was there to clean you buth up baby mikey

i love the story wish i was there to clean you buth up baby mikey