Islam Is Peace!

I am not Muslim, but I fully stand by and support all my Muslim brothers and sisters, and will always call out anyone who speaks ignorantly of Islam! ♥ 
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I Am a Muslim and truely appreciate your courage.
I personally have not allways been Muslim and must say since I have started practicing I have found the purpose for my life, and have found inner peace.
I noticed that you say that you are not a Muslim, but you will find if you believe in the following two points:
That there is only one God, and they the creator and sustainer of all is the only diety worthy of worship.
And you do not reject Muhammad peace be upon him is a messenger of God as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah and all other prophets where. Than you are a Muslim.
Based on the fact that the Quran was revealed over 1400 years ago to an illeterate man who was a Shepard. It contains many scientific an linguistic miracles such as:
The Quran talks about the big bang theory, and the spherical shape of the earth and it's rotation around the sun and the sun and moons orbits. At a time where they thought the earth was flat.
It also describes the stages of the fetus in the womb before embryologists discover the accounts described in the Quran.
It also discusses the water cycle and the deepest part of the oceans an the varying pressures and wave types.
Also discussed in the Quran the pain receptors in the skin, which where only deactivated recently by neurologists as previously was beleived that pain was from the brain and many more scientific facts which science has only come to discover recently.
More miracles of the Quran is that there is only one copy of it. Wherever you are in the world it will be the same copy in Arabic, with translation of the meanings in different languages. Another miracle is that God has made it easy to memorise with over 10 million people currently memorise the Quran.
If every book is to be burnt the only book to be bought back as it is will be the Quran. Another way in which it has been preserved.
It has had the power to help guide the life's of per 1.7 billion people.
Now having understood the above miracles, with many more that are not stated is enough to make you think it's not a normal book.
And this book was one of the miracles of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
You may have not believed before but after learning that the prophet Muhammad must have been a messenger of the most supreme, you have become a Muslim.
As the main requirement to enter the fold of Islam, which in turn will wipe all previous sins and render you a mere new born sinless human is to say the following statement.
La ilaha illa Allah, wa Muhammadan rasul Allah.
I beat witness that there is no entity worthy of my worship except for Allah (the one creator and sustainer). And that MuHammad is his slave and messenger.
Just as all of the previous prophets where.
I hope I have she's some light on the most beautiful way of life there is out there. Islam.
Do not hesitate to message me for further info.
God bless you.