Battling This Disease For 12 Yrs

Ive been battling this disease for 12 yrs now.  Some days are worse than others.  Mine was caused by a head injury.  I was a pedestrian, in a hit and run MVA. 
In the beginning, when i had a attack, i prayed for death, because i couldnt handle the vomiting, the dizziness, or the numerous other sysmptoms of the disease.  I was put on serc and dilatin, right from the first attack and i went from the weakest form of serc to the strongest in a month.  At that point it had me pretty well in bed constantly.  The Drs. decided to keep me on the serc daily, instead of just when necessary and i thank God for it now.  It has enabled me too live somewhat of a normal life. 

I also see a chiropractor, who does accupuncture and manipulation to help control it. 
the vertigo still hits alot, but i can at least live with it.  The Tinitus and fullness in there ears is a daily reminder however of what is going on.  I can no longer hear crickets because the ringing is constant.  I can not diferentiate the two sounds anymore and i find that sad because i use to love the sound of crickets durin the summer.   I find the tinitus to be a pain in the B.  some days it is much louder than others and its hard on those days, because i know as soon as i wake up in the morning if it will be a bad day. 

i do get tired of people asking if i ve been drinking, when im experiencing a attack, because i stagger and my voice slurs.  there had been a time my marriage had been on the rocks, because my husband thought i must be drinking heavy.  He did not understand the disease and im glad he has learned to since then.   One thing that can help people with this disease is cutting back on coffee and salt intake.  Taking a diruretic helps too, although i do not find its a cure.  it helps a bit, but not 100%.  I also find that when my stress levels are really high, the attacks are much harder and heavier.  I know its time to start calmin myself down, when the migranes start, and the world starts to slowly appear off center.  i know, if i cant et under control, ill be on my butt fast! 

I am thankful for a gorgeous German shepherd in my life.  She has always alerted me to a attack coming on, and im greatful for that, because more often than not, im able to get to a couch or bed,b efore it hits hard.  How she knows the attack is coming i do not know.

I want to wish you all, good luck with this, i know how hard it is. 
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I have a Collie German Shepard, she also knows when I am going to have a big attack. I trained her to help me balance, and distract people from calling ambulances. It is very interesting to a see someone else with a attack smelling dog.<br />
Hope you do well.

hey i know times pain is lot ,yes god helped u by giving that sheperd hey i pray for ur well health to god,keep faith in god all pain will be vanished.........we are always to help u k bye take care