Young And A Mess

i am 19 years old, and ive had menieres disease in my right ear since i was 16. i was actually diagnosed when i was 18 after many visits from two doctors. i had my very first vertigo attack at age 13 or 14, but it had only happened once until i turned 16. so far this sickness has gotten the absolute best of me. i go to an ENT specialist, and he has given me medication that i only take when needed and it doesnt seem to be working anymore, just like the medication my regular doctor used to give me. i missed tons of school, and now im starting to miss work. it seems my coworkers and friends do not understand the severity of menieres, they get angry with me when i have to cancel plans, or call off work. menieres disease has given me (along with the vertigo, and tinnitus) anxiety, stress, and mood swings to the point where my family thinks im bi-polar. i cant take much more of the dizziness. its becoming very constant and its driving me nuts! and i feel like no one can fully understand what im going through. its an absolutely horrifying experience, and ive never felt so helpless. i just dont want menieres disease to define me for the rest of my life.
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I hear what everyone is saying here I was diagnosed at an early age missed so much school they kicked me out so non graduated stumbled around until remissions started in my 20's then again at 25 I became so depressed at not functioning. It became an obsession to find what was wrong then on my 30th birthday full blown drop attacks vertigo tinnitus nausea vomiting uncontrolable to the point I lost 50lbs in two weeks that was the most scary time for me and my family now I get cluster attacks two to three times a month run a business on top of that and run my household so I manage with what I have and hope for new treatment options like stem cell like the UFC guy or some other hope but from some of the stories there have been no medical advances in this nature for along time last post I seen a guy from the 1960's and still hasn't been cured but I hope others will take my story and others that its scary and incurable for now but no two people are alike and there has to be a reason why not just take this.

I am 17 years old I was diagnosed with menieres two years ago nothing helps. I'm on all kinds of medicines and I'm incredibly sick of it. At this point I just want surgery so this can all be over. Have you ever talked to your dr about surgery and what'd they say?

It is quite common how some of the people around you don't understand. They tell you "your fine just get over it" or " its not that bad " at least that how it was for me. The best way I have found out explaining it to them is by asking them "ever been on a merry-go-round?" of course most people have, so they answer yes and then I tell them "well its just like getting on it but feeling like you never get off." People kinda look at you and they seem to be a little more understanding when you explain like that. At least it helped the people around me. Hope this helps. I know that this is hard so Hang in there.

I don't know where you live but I moved to Southern California and if helped my disease so much better. My dizzyness was so much better and I could start to live a better life it was hard to move but after living in the midwest with al the pressure systems it was something my doctors told me to try and it has worked. just thought id let you know

i was recently diagnosed with this disease and live in Michigan. Most of my family live in So. Calif. so it would be an easy move for me, but my son and grandaughter are here. Since it has been a year since your post i am wodnering if you still find your symptoms to be better in Calif. I think I must consider this option myself.

This is quite a common illness and is largely misunderstood. I do sympathise ... it's hard to have something which affects you so badly and yet is invisible to everyone, people just don't seem to understand. I suggest you join an online support group for a start which will help you not to feel so alone with it. It might also be helpful for you to hear how other people cope and what suggestions they have towards seeking relief. Don't despair, you will find something which will be helpful, I'm sure. I wish you well.