So So Upset !!!! How Should I Take This?????? (living With Meniere's)

Oh my gosh my feelings are so so hurt I don’t know how to digest this. When I go out its very difficult for me to maintain my balance so I have to hold on to someone usually my sister. It has now been 3 months that I moved in with my sister and her family. My brother-in-law is a pretty good guy but one day we were at the store and when we got into the car to go back home my brother -in-law made the comment that I need to get a cane that I shouldn’t burden anyone else with hanging on to them because it would tire them out etc...( that day was holding on to his sister) I was so crushed and I cried all the way home (this was 2 wks. Ago) So this past weekend I bought my self the cane. Then yesterday he said that if I had any appointments with my Dr.(s) that I shouldn't expect my sister to be taking me to all of them and that if I was provided with any service to have them take me to and from, because that I shouldn’t expect for my sister to be taking off of work every time or anyone for that matter and that it was for my independance as well. I am so devastated I don’t know what to do? I feel like I should have never come to live with my sister. I feel like I am just a huge burden for everyone. How should I take this? Am I over reacting? Please Help!!!
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Thanks for posting your story. It really is challenging to be in the situation where we are dependent upon other people to such an extent. It can be so hard to ask for the support we need, and doubly hard when the people we depend on start to freak out about it. When I was having regular attacks and had to leave work for a period of time I found it very helpful to listen to podcasts about setting up on-line work (one of the most helpful to start with was Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast). I could listen to these podcasts even when I couldn't move and had to sit still in bed. I felt like I could at least be learning and making plans for ways that I could eventually support myself financially. But it was very hard to be in such a dependent position and hard to remember that I was a good person dealing with a health crisis.

Its my girlfriend who was diganoised and she has my full support i love her and want to do what i can to ease her stress and frustration. Please reply to help ease her stress and symptoms

Thank you kbrw. I just feel like you and everyone who suffers from this illness really knows and understands everything you are feeling and going through. I am glad I have found this haven.

Lsandra-just wrote a long email and lost it because I'd forgotten my username and they wouldn't post my response!! So this is short but I want to wish you all the best and hope that things improve very quickly for you. Sometimes Meniere's "burns itself out" and let's hope that happens in your case. I will pray that you get some support and relief from this situation. I also hope others on this site with positive experiences will repond to your post, and that you are helped a bit by that. All the best.