My Meniere's Battle Has Just Begun.

When the Consultant asked his colleague what she thought my problem was and she said Meniere's Disease without any hesitation all I remember thinking was awww for F***s sake, I'd read online about Meniere's on sites such as NHS online and remember thinking that it sounded such a horrible disease. Since then the Consultant has confirmed it is Meniere's, he has also refered me to York Balance Centre at the Hospital and they also confirmed it.
This all happened in 2011, yet now I begin to wonder if I've had a lot longer has I had the odd Dizzy spell but didnt class it has vertigo then as I didnt have anything else like the sickness or drunken feeling. I'll admit I've struggled sometimes to come to terms with this, my symptoms at the moment are being controlled with SERC(betahistine) so I guess I'm lucky in some respects. Any ambitions I had have flown out of the window like the application to the Police Force as they wouldnt touch me now.
I for one fear the future, how bad this could get? How long will the serc keep working before the symptoms get the better of the medication?
One thing I have perfected is my acting skills as I dont want anyone to know when I feel off it, or when my hearing is playing up, as my employers are waiting for my symptoms to play up so they can remove me from my job......I dont feel I've many friends at work who truely understand what I or anyone with this Illness is really going through.
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Hi Mark-<br />
Thanks for posting your story. I was diagnosed with Meniere's 5 years ago and had to leave a job that I had been training for for many years. Aside from just dealing with the symptoms I was freaking out about what kind of work I could ever do if I couldn't guarantee that I would be functional at any particular time. I ended up reading about and listening to podcasts about setting up "location independent" work, which helped me plan for a worklife that could be flexible enough to deal with the fluctuating nature of Meniere's. I found Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast and The $100 Startup Book were very helpful. I talk about this a bit more on my website managemenieres if you're interested in reading more.

I also wanted to work in law enforcement so I understand how much that sucks. I'll have to look us serc but haven't been offered that. Hope you get better soon

I also was diagnosed with this disease in late 2011. My father and brother have it also, my doctor says it run rampant in families. My father is in the later stages of it and it is hard to see what my future probably looks like. I too will keep it to my self at work when I feel ill. When everything is spinning and I feel like one of those people in the V8 commercials before they had their V8 ! I walk around holding onto anything I can like walls or counters to keep my self up. And if I do say anyhing people have never heard of it or dont get the full gravity of the situation. It can be a very isolating and loney disease. I guess you could like at my situation of having other family members with it as a good or bad thing. As we can all talk to each other about it and understand each other. You are not alone. There are others that do understand. You take it day by day. Appreciate the good days. And remember the blessings that you do have in your life. Focus on the positve as much as you can.