Help For Meniere"s Attacks

Research will show nobody knows really what causes attacks nor of any medicine or method that really helps against attacks. Different things causes attacks and different methods are used to get relieve from the attacks. Over past 2 year I've tested a frequency generator before the attack commence and even during actual attack period. If I can feel attack coming on, and then start to run the program, normally after 2 runs of 60 minutes the attack is stopped and although I still feel miserable I can get up and walk around and carry on with day tasks. If attack has started, I've experienced that the unit when used, brings relieve of the attack symptoms and my condition improve. Whats really of value is the fact that when I have used the unit each week 3 to 4 times, I have actually start to live without any attacks.
The frequency method is also extensively used for cancer patients. The home model size 140mm by 150mm by 70 mm includes treatment for muscle pain, back ache, bone fractures headaches, and the list go on and on. It also have a program on meniere's disease and ear problem. I have used the ear problem program for above treatment description.
Ear condition program uses as example the following frequencies. 10000, 880, 727, 1534, down to 158, 20 and 9.19 the program duration is 57 minutes. I must say that meniere's has a terrible effect and I have even ended up with hearing loss and over past year make use of hearing aides. Its a terrible situation when you experience an attack and are away from home at friends or busy shopping. So if this could make a difference to your condition I would gladly provide additional information.
louis prinsloo
South Africa
Sandlover12 Sandlover12
2 Responses May 16, 2012

Where did you get this device..

what do you do with it and can you send us a link