Tired All The Time

About early March 2012, I was at work and my hearing in my right ear shut down and I got a little dizzy. It lasted only 5 minutes. Then it continued doing the same thing again for another 3 days. The following week it shut down for 5 minutes. Then the next week it was perfectly fine. Around March 26 I got a really bad case of Bronchitis. I had fever and chills. I went to an ER because I was vomiting and had chest pains and my hearing was a little diminished with a little dizziness. However a few days later when I woke up the room was spinning and my right ear was deaf. I finally got to an ENT doctor who injected steriods directly into my ear. Through prayer I did get around 30% hearing back. I still have vertigo and some days are really bad and some days are not that bad. I have not been able to work since March 25th. I have a loud ringing in my right ear, and a whooshing sound too. I am so very tired all the time. I think this is one of the symptoms of this disease. Feeling fullness in my ear, vertigo, hearing loss, ringing in the ear, fatigue are all symptoms of Meniere's disease. I was just diagnosed yesterday with this disease.
I am going to vestibular therapy and so far it has only helped a little. There was a time where I got better and the whole thing reversed it self only worse.
I have started counseling to learn how to cope with all of this.
I firmly believe that God loves me and He will not ever forsake me. The Bible is my source and I read it and put it into my ear by reading it out loud, and then put it into my mind, and put it into practice. I believe that whatever I say and believe that is what I am going to get. I had some anxiety for a couple of weeks then counseling helped me see that when negative thoughts enter my head, I just replace it with a Bible scripture. I will admit that this is the hardest thing that I have ever been through. I cannot do anything without my faith in God. I believe that someday on God's time He will fully restore me back to the person I was before this disease got a hold of me. You just have to remain positive or otherwise this disease will just end up trying to destroy your life. That is what it feels like that something just took over your life and left you behind. I can promise that this is not the case. Just look to Jesus and ask, believe, receive. This is the ONLY way anyone could get through something like this and come out okay on the other end.
lanakarin lanakarin
61-65, F
May 19, 2012