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Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to share what I found works for me to keep the Menieres symptoms away -
About a year ago I had my first attack of Meniers - the vertigo, nausea couldn't get up to walk ... not nice at all!
Went to the doctor and they gave me cortizone and stugeron it helped to get the worst of the symptoms under control, but one couldn't take it regularly.

After about a year now without symptoms I just want to share what I found helped me, with anyone else that suffers from the same problem.

I take on a daily basis the following in the morning:
1 x Vitathion (fizzy version)
1 x Vitamin C 250 mg buffered
1 x Vitamin B complex tablet
1 x Solgar Lipotropic factors tablet
1 x Solgar Glycine 500 mg tablet
1 x Legalon 70 tablet

It is now almost a year since I last had the terrible symptoms. If I skip the regimen for a few days then I can feel it is not good and as soon as start taking it again it all goes well again.
It is not a cure but it manages my Menieres wonderfully !
Regards and I hope this helps someone else as well
Deon Herbst
DeonHerbst DeonHerbst
51-55, M
5 Responses May 25, 2012

Trigger of my Meniere's is Stress =

I am trying to really hard to watch my salt intake it is very hard when everything has salt...

Thanks for the info...I will try these vitamins...

Thanks for the feedback - I will definetly check my salt intake - there is also a person called John of Ohio's remedy for menieres i have added his suggestions to my list and i think it works even better - if you google it or try John's Menieres Treatment

I will try is for you watch your salt intake also.