I have had Meniere's for the last 30 +years but later it has severely affected my lifestyle and I ca barly keave the house and then on my husband's arm - and he is a home lover and hates leaving the house.

I WANT to talk to someone
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I'm 42 years old and I gotten this at age 16 and I'm stuck at home a lot too, so I didn't get much social life at all. I missed 5 years of school. I was homeschooled. I'm so lucky to have met a man in my late 30's only love, but he helps me, he likes to stay home too. I am constantly dizzy and so tired.

Hi my lovely has been diagnosed with MD about a month ago and we believe she has been effected for over 10 years. She is at the stage of daily symptoms of what you have described. She is exhausted and is getting very depressed and i am unable to save her regardless of what i try or ask what i can do. I just sit by her side and wait for her direction on ways to help her. I just hope being at her side helps

Talk away.