Meniere's Destroyed My Life

My husband has Meniere's disease, and he has not been able to work for a year now.  He's been in and out of work, we are broke, we have no life anymore.  The doctors keep trying new meds all the time but nothing seems to work.  He gets dizzy and "woozy" all the time, every day, and he will vomit, etc.  He cannot work, drive, do anything with the kids, and I feel like a single mom with all the financial responsibility, and stress of taking care of everyone.  I just want our life back, this has totally destroyed us.  We cannot travel, we are broke, he has to break so many plans with the kids.  He misses family functions.  Even if he feels good, he is so afraid of getting sick, it now controls his life.   If anyone has any suggestions or similar experiences please feel free to share them.  I am grieving the life I used to have and lost, and I don't know how to live this new life, a life I didn't want to have to live. 

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Sounds simple enough...but the one thing that made a huge difference was gaining as much information on the subject. You will need to be gatherer of information because from the sounds your husband would not be able to spend time on the computer.

Read as much as you can...I didnt find nada in the library but I did find books on the internet. Meniere Man books was a series that proved extremely helpful. How the author had meniere's, lost his job, home, refused surgery of any kind and now writes books on how to survive meniere's.
Meniere Man: The Self- Help Book For Meniere's Vertigo Attacks was a most useful book for my husband to understand and cope with the actual attacks.
And the other book which was good for us both to understand meniere's was Meniere Man and the Astronaut : The Self Help Book For Meniere's also includes a 100 simple and positive things to do...and many suggestions don't cost money. Very practical and helpful.
i also liked Peggy Holloways memoir, a little red book I found on Amazon in the Meniere's disease book search.

Also look after yourself at this time..I didn't at first..I let everything routines, fitness and relaxation and time with friends. Now looking back, I would say, stay as strong as YOU can. Get help for yourself if you feel depressed, because it is a really depressing situation. But I swear this will turn around. The beginning of a new diagnosis is the worst time...then you read up on it..see what you can do..there is a lot of things that will make a difference.

I know exactly what you are saying.

Low sodium helps(less than 1500 mg a day.....for reference, 1 tsp of salt has 2400! no cheese, no bread, no pickles, no sauces. Everything has to be fresh. I eat a lot of pasta I make myself and salad(try garlic, olive oil and fresh squeezed orange juice mixed as a dressing)

Hello, Please DO NOT GIVE UP, check my story titled
Back in the Swirl: Coping with Meniere's Disease, Migraine and Baffled Doctors.
Study the last chapter , R&R, (Recap and Resources) carefully.
I am available for any question you might have after reading the book. It is only $4.99, very affordable.
I have had Meniere for over 20 years. I understand your suffering. Please do not forget that
your husband is riddled with frustration and shame feelings that stem from a devilish illness that it is totally out of his control; not to mention his devastating physical condition.

You all are suffering as a family. Meniere is a very cruel illness but... there is hope.
Do not fear, do not give up and tell your children that although their dad is very ill right now, this is a NON- TERMINAL CONDITION. TOGETHER YOU WILL PREVAIL

Hi, I have been dealing with Meniere's disease since I was 11 years old, I am now 50 years old and it's getting worse (I am almost deaf); however, it did not get debilitating until 2 years ago. I am now not able to do a lot of things, I cannot work, miss out on fune etc. it is a terrible way to live, and I feel for your husband. Yes, it is hard on you, at the same time it is harder on your husband. Sorry if I sound harsh but living with constant dizziness, things never ever standing still (I also have oscillopsia), every time when I walk everything seems to be shaking, I don't even recognize faces when I am walking, and then the vomiting episodes - I have ended in the ER several times due to spinning vertigo and non stop vomiting. I am dealing witht his pretty much all alone, I do not have a husband or live in partner, my parents don't give a damn. Your husband should qualify for social security disability which would make the financial situation a bit easier. I feel for you,too, it is hard, and at the same time, he needs all your support.

I actually thought you might be my wife. I am sure she has felt the same way. I recently figured uot an odd way to stop the attack in their tracks. It also prevents the hearing dammage caused by each attack. I have stopped my last 11 attacks in under 20 seconds now. 100% success rate for me. I have now gained much confidence and my ear feels like it is returning to normal. I even am starting to hear way better in my ear now. Please look up my story about my new found method and I will pray it works for your husband or any others here. Good luck all.

That is so sad I also have this and it does affect your whole family. My children are grown and out on their own but I have grandchildren. I would like to do more with them but i never know how i will feel so can't make plans. The only thing i have found that works is rest and i take a prescription called Meclizine. Hope things get better for you.

Got meniere's in 2003. Tried large doses of Serc but it did nothing. Tried Usana products and still take some of their vitamins and minerals. After about five years, a new doctor told me that the balance mechanism in the poor ear would evenually self distruct. Every attack worked to that end. Trouble is that the average time for this to occur is nine years. It took me about seven years before the good ear became the dominent balance force. Anyone that has Meniere's knows what I mean when I say that I've been to hell and back. As for Usana, I can't say that it helped or not. Most of my days are good, even better than good. I have some ideas that might help you cope. If you are still there let me know. There is hope, I am back driving, hiking, going out, and riding my bike. I'm enjoying life again.

I am so sorry for your situation. I just have me to worry about! Has your husband taken Ativan for anxiety and cocculus compositum for vertigo? Both very important - take them every day.

I am so sorry this has happened to you. I can only imagine your deep frustration. I have had this disease for years, and know first hand how upset my kids (who are mostly grown) are when I can not do things with them or for them.

I would only think it is far worse for your husband as the Man of the home to not be able to provide, and for you to have to try to be everything to everyone.

I know my pride has kept me from going on disability...Has your considered applying for it? I realize with my Co~diagnosis I qualify, but, there is no reason why Meniere's alone would not qualify

I have vertigo attacks and tinnitus - I take Cocculus Compositum daily which seems to fend off many attacks. Also Vincopacine to clear the head and ears. I hope this helps. CC can be found online OTC - the script is VertigoHeel (same thing). This CC is from a Germany company - M's is dealt with very differently in Europe - much more understanding and ideas to help. Still no cure anywhere. Ann

This disease can be so unbelievably debilitating, for the whole family too! Local mental health organizations often sponsor support groups for caregivers of people who have chronic illnesses (not often Meniere's specific, but it still can be amazingly helpful to talk with other people who are having to figure out all the things you are needing to figure out). You deserve all the support you can possibly find as you have been handed a very big job. It's great that you've reached out on-line as well, there are lots of people going through the exact same thing you are.

I was just diagnosed, but I am still working and occasionally still driving. I have, in the past, missed out on family functions and fun things as well. I can relate. I know my husband misses our old life. We used to be lining, scooba diving, both lifeguards. Now we sit and watch TV most of the time. But he takes my kids out to do fun adventures, and then when they get home, they love to sit and tell me what all they have done. I help them make scrapbooks so I can be a part of their day. When I feel good, I go with them and they completely understand if I need to sit down or can't be in the sun too long. Mainly they just want me around. As far as your financial problems, you may have to find a job your husband can do at home or try getting disability. The ADA recognizes Meniere;s as a social security disability. I hope this helps.

wow i too have meniears, all i can say is try and have a little understanding. he is going through so much as it is!.

Like all of you I have MD for about 10 years. I take diuretics and serc and I get attacks at least once a day, that is on regular days. I have learned to identify some of the triggers and avoid them. I classified them big, medium and small. I have been forced to stop working, running, swimming, gardening, even taking shower, so don't think my case might be better than your. The best piece of advice is don't fight the attack, let it run its course, you know it will stop and with that philosophy you might get more small ones.

Hello about 6 mths ago i miscarried my baby,i noticed shortley after that ,that i was felling quite dizzy i put it down to losing alot of blood during that pregnancy,but then 1 day i started spinning,vomiting sweating,couldnt move and was very tired and slept most of the afternoon.The next week tha came thick and fast i went to the ent specialist to be told i have menieres disease since then my life quality of life has been awful .I have 5 children i cant drive i cant go to the supermarket i feel sick nearly everyday,im on medication it seems to stop how many attacks im having but dosnt stop that dreaded feeling of being sick everyday is this normal?i feel like my life has been taken away and i feel like my time is always in bed or laying on the couch i feel like im missing out with my children,i no this isnt cancer but wow its draining and your quality of life goes>

There is a surgery that an ent can do but it could make you totally deaf. low sodium diet and diuretics helped me.

Has anyone tried the viatamins suplements from the producer USANA recommend by a Karen Henderson from British Columbia Canada.. She claims they have helped her husband a great deal.

Dr. He can treat MD successfully with Chinese Medicine. The most patients he treated can get symptom free in about two weeks.<br />
The information here mybe help you:<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
Goog luck!<br />

I have had this horible desease for 5 years now, thank goodness I am managing to go on with my life, although at times it is very hard. Be there for your husband as my husband is for me. Gone are the days when I will go to the supermarket alone or anywhere alone !! I always have my hubby around to pick me up when I fall. I cannot walk up or down stairs but hey thats ok most places have wheel chair access I find it hard to cross a busy road or go into a shopping centre that is large and crowded but if I do have to go to one of these places I always have the support of my husbands arm ! Don't let this desease spoil what you once had just get on with your life and be thankful that your hubby is still alive !! I am 48 years old and a grandmother of a gorgeous little boy some days I cannot pick him up and walk with him but hey I can have the pleasure of sitting down and giving him a cuddle. I often joke about it I guess it is my way of dealing with it, only yesterday I went to my Doctor crying and pleading for something to make the world and my head still he told me that it would only get worse and that I had to learn to cope with it. I am going death in my left ear but hey hopefully my right ear will remain ok !! Think possitive when friends make jokes of my movements I always answer them with "Hey your just jealouse I am on a free roller coaster ride my whole life but you my friend have to visit a theme park to get what I am getting" I would hate to have cancer as it will take my life away from me" At least with this I have a chance! Well I thought I did yesterday I was told I also had Parkinsons Desease once again I am thankful that although my quailty of life in the years to come may not be as good as I had thought I will be alive ! Cheers Melinda

i am also suffering from the same dreaded disease from last 10 years.i understand your situation but mam you should think about your husband,how he would be should emotionally support him.he need emotional support mam......always keep him happy.....there should be no anxiety.... because anxiety increases the symptoms like dizziness and try to keep him in jolly mood.....and rest leave it to god........

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