I Am 35 Years Old And Feel So Much Older

I am still waiting for my official diagnosis, but since June 26, 2012 been battling BPPV Vertigo, or so they say. It started with a rollercoaster ride at Six Flags America that Saturday and by that Monday, I was getting a ride home from work, leaving my car behind, because I was to weak to drive. The following day, I stayed home in bed, with what I thought were a virus, feeling like I was spinning and nauseated. that Wednesday, I went to drive back to work and suddenly started feeling like I was spinning out of control. Somehow I drove myself to emergency where they told me I had BPPV Vertigo, after testing, blood work, etc. That next week I returned to work still suffering, then after about 3 weeks, my doctor referred me to ENT specialist at the Unviversity of MD. The Brandt Darrof Excercises were not working,and I was missing to many days of work. Long story short, FMLA filed for work (still working, cant afford to stay home as a single mom) and 3 cancelled test for Testing later,l woke up to extreeme pressure in my left ear (2 weeks ago). Last week the specialist precribed Hydrochlorothiazide ( I can't tell if its working or not) but now my hearing is in and out and pressure in both ears. The type of job I do is on phones, and I could hear the mumbling of others while I was unable to take calls, thank God I could not make out what was actually being said. I just don't understand what to expect, what is normal, what is not, but just me showing up at the ENT office, and making phone calls explaining how the pressure is so overwhelming it keeps me up at night, No one seems to see it as a concern. Is this normal? and how did it come to this? I been reading others stories and I'm terrified. How will I be able to support myself and my children? I need to think of a way to make money from home. Start my own daycare? What are my options? I'm trying not to be the guest of honor at my own pity party, but how can I not?
Ariez28 Ariez28
31-35, F
Sep 10, 2012