Please Try This. I Cant Believe It Works.

Hi there. I am a new member and this is my first group. I signed up just to share my story and so far success in stopping my wicked vertigo attacks.
It started 3 years ago with the fullness in my ear with tinitus. Shortly after that i had my first vertigo attack, I thought i was actually going to die that day. I spun on the bathroom floor for about 24 hours, throwing up every 15 minutes. I remembered the next day that my half brother that I didnt grow up with had told me he was hard of hearing in one ear and he had a disease that made him have vertigo attacks. I was shortly diagnosed with the same thing...Meniere's.
The attacks used to take about 15 minutes to reach a full spin but recently they happen instanly...litterally spin and drop...very scary. I have alwaays tried strange thing during every attack like shaking my head, pulling my ear, putting pressure or cold and heat just in case something would help stop the carnival ride. At first i found laying face down motionless was best with a fan blowing in my face. That would ease the attacks to a few hours. Playing very motion stimulating driving videogames helped to fool my brain sometimes too. A good stunt driving game with lots of turns and flips.

But last week I had a HUGE HUGE HUGE breakthrough! And i hope this works for some of you like it has for me. So simple. I have had 6 instant vertigo attacks in a week and a half. It was wierd...i started spinning and i decided i would hyperventalate..just to see if it would help..just like all my other attack experiments to try. I stayed perfecly still and looked at the counter and started breathing fast and deep. Within 20 seconds the spinning stopped...I remained dizzy for about 20 minutes but no spinning and it was over.....I was shocked!. I have done this 6 times now and i have stopped the spinning in as low as 10 seconds. Then i sit down and relax for about 20 minutes and go on with my day as normal. I hope this keeps working as it has...this could litterally change my life. I know Menieres is different for everyone but if this trick helps even a few, then praise thee Lord.
If this works for you please let me know. If anyone has heard of this please let me know as well. If you have any ideas for me as to why increasing my oxygen and decreasing carbon dioxide works for me, I would love to hear any ideas you may have. Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from anyone.
Bless you all, have a great day

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I will give this a try! My personal best advice is to 1) completely avoid aspartame, particularly in diet sodas; 2) take meclizine when feeling an attack coming on; and 3) avoid salt and especially MSG. I KNOW the aspartame causes attacks for me, but everyone is different. Thanks for your post, and best wishes.