Living With Meniere's Disease

I was diagnosed with Meniere's over 25 years ago. At the time I was having periodic bouts of dizzyness and tinnitus. Many years have passed. I now wear hearing aids which has stopped the ringing in my ears. The dizzy spells were gone until this year. I have had a few minor ones but about eight weeks ago had a bad one. The room was spinning around and around. I had to close my eyes and lay down. I sat up for a moment after about an hour and started vomiting. All I could do was lay still and keep my eyes closed.

The next morning I was feeling OK but still not 100%. From time to time I get the feeling like an attack is coming on but then just goes away. Now eight weeks later and I still don't feel like myself. My head is like in a fog or something. This has not been the case for me in the past as I would just sleep it off and the next day or so be "back to normal".

Has anyone had similar experience?
I was wondering if I should go for an MRI.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I have been suffering with it for years and after this week I am pretty tired of it. I can't believe there is no help for us.
I had an mri showed nothing, balance tets done just showed my left eardrum was not working something about the hairs in the ear not moving.

Save your money with the MRI....I had one done for the headachs meniere's was giving me.
Can't see it for some the MRI