Living With Ménière's

I've had Ménière's since June at first the medication worked but the I had a reaction to it so now I'm on another medication. I'm still having a hard time. The symptom are not as bad but still there. I Really am hoping some one can help maybe you have a miracle treatment out there. I'm hopeful that something will work..I won't give up...
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I can report that mine got better over time. My recommendation is to cut out the aspartame, especially in diet sodas. Keep trying, though, until you find what moderates YOUR particular version of Meniere's, because apparently there are a lot of individual aspects to it. Good luck!

Hello, I am 58 and just diagnosed with menieres. Since November I had 3 attacks of vertigo and vomitting. I only went to the er on the last attack and was diagnosed with menieres. I am my husbands caretaker since his stroke 10 years ago. I am wondering what medications you take. I was given a water pill basically and that was it. Do you have any suggestions? I am desperate as I am the only driver, my husband was effected on his left side totally from the stroke. Would be interested in communicating with you.

Try vitamins like b complex with herbs...ginkgo citrate manganese....vitamin c 500 mg...chlor oxygen,,,,I have been on this for three weeks and I feel great..I watch my coffee and very little alcohol...go to whole foods they were a lot of help...won't hurt to try...